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  • The problem with EMM is it doesn't enable businesses to do anything they can't do without it.

    On BrianMadden.com, we like to say that we focus on the broad space of "end user computing," though really that's just a fancy way of saying we cover desktop virtualization and enterprise mobility / EMM. We've put down a lot of words this year talking...
    Published Nov 24 2014 by Brian Madden , 2,349 views, 7 comments
  • Did VDI grow up, or did our expectations come down?

    We've been writing a lot in the past year or so about how VDI has started to turn the corner and people are actually starting to use it in a big way now. But I have to wonder—is this because VDI actually got better, or is it because our once-lofty...
    Published Nov 20 2014 by Brian Madden , 3,185 views, 2 comments
  • 20,000 XenApp users per rack at less than 1 watt per user? Awes.

    Last Friday I wrote an article about the HP Moonshot (a modern day blade-like system) and why I like it for VDI. In one of the follow up conversations from that article, Gabe said to me, "Man, did you see that Citrix is doing XenApp bare metal on the...
    Published Nov 17 2014 by Brian Madden , 5,920 views, 5 comments
  • HP's Moonshot: a modern day blade that removes the sizing risk of VDI?

    Last week I briefly mentioned HP's Moonshot product in an article I did about VDI storage . After reading that article, Jack asked some questions and pointed out that we hadn't actually written a proper article on Moonshot, so that's what I'm doing today...
    Published Nov 14 2014 by Brian Madden , 3,848 views, 2 comments
  • We're all on Windows 7... Now what?

    It's been six months since Windows XP expired, and even though there are a few XP systems floating around here and there, it's safe to say that, in general, our Windows 7 migrations are done. (Can you believe that Windows 7 has been around for more than...
    Published Nov 10 2014 by Brian Madden , 4,874 views, 11 comments
  • Does disaster recovery planning matter?

    A lot of companies use VDI and RDSH technologies as part of their disaster recovery plans, with the idea they can just redirect a bunch of users to some datacenter-hosted desktops if some kind of disaster renders their primary work site unavailable. ...
    Published Nov 06 2014 by Brian Madden , 4,969 views, 3 comments
  • 10 ways storage can make your VDI project fail

    Storage Decisions 2014 is taking place this week in NYC. I have a session today called "10 ways storage can make your VDI project fail," and I figured this would be good topic for an article. (If you're here at Storage Decisions , you can see my presentation...
    Published Nov 03 2014 by Brian Madden , 5,835 views, 9 comments
  • I have seen the light! Why I now believe that non-persistent / shared images are doable for VDI

    For the past five years or so, I've said again and again that I don't like non-persistent / shared / locked down images for VDI. In fact that was a core tenant of our 2012 book, The VDI Delusion. Why I didn't like persistent in the past If you go way...
    Published Oct 23 2014 by Brian Madden , 8,303 views, 15 comments
  • HP sells Compaq

    Earlier this week HP announced that they were going to split into two companies: Hewlett-Packard Enterprise for IT software and services, and HP Inc. for personal computing, including desktops and laptops, tablets, and printers. (Follow up story idea...
    Published Oct 09 2014 by Brian Madden , 6,079 views, 4 comments
  • Remember how Ardence was awesome before Citrix screwed it up? You need to know about Jentu: Disk streaming to physical desktops

    I've loved Ardence since I first learned about them in 2006 . If you don't know Ardence, they basically did disk block "streaming" where you take the hard drive out of a computer, do a PXE boot, and it connects to a central image which is run locally...
    Published Oct 06 2014 by Brian Madden , 8,755 views, 11 comments
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