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  • VDI is the answer for people who have to do *something* but don't know what that something is

    VDI is the future! VDI could be the future? VDI might be the future? Is VDI the future? "Hey! We need to do something to future proof our enterprise. Cloud. BYO-something. Compliance. Desktops are dead. Consumerization. New employees. ROI! Tablets......
    Published Dec 17 2014 by Brian Madden , 1,906 views, 12 comments
  • If HP's revolutionary "machine" really shrinks a datacenter to the size of a refrigerator, what will it mean for us?

    You've probably read about the HP Labs research project called " The Machine "—which HP says will use "electrons for computation, photons for communication, and ions for storage." This is one of those things that we hear about every so often that...
    Published Dec 15 2014 by Brian Madden , 3,319 views, 5 comments
  • VMware releases App Volumes (formerly CloudVolumes). Hello overlapping product confusion!

    Earlier this week VMware released App Volumes , the new name for the CloudVolumes product they bought in August . If you're not familiar with App Volumes, it's essentially a read-only VMDK disk that's mounted into a desktop (virtual / VDI, RDSH, or physical...
    Published Dec 11 2014 by Brian Madden , 6,299 views, 17 comments
  • Dell releases "Wyse" vWorkspace 8.5, with HTML5 clients and enterprise scale

    Last week Dell released Wyse vWorkspace 8.5 . Recall that Dell bought Quest, whose vWorkspace product (which they got when they bought Provision Networks) is a competitor to Citrix XenDesktop/XenApp and VMware Horizon View. Dell also bought Wyse, who...
    Published Dec 08 2014 by Brian Madden , 9,755 views, 5 comments
  • Announcing our BriForum 2015 conference cities: London and Denver!

    We just launched the website for our BriForum 2015 conferences . Can you believe this will be our 11th year, and our 17th and 18th BriForums? Who knew our crazy little idea would last so long! BriForum 2015 London will take place from May 18-19, 2015...
    Published Dec 03 2014 by Brian Madden , 3,560 views, 1 comment
  • VDI: The "safe" alternative to doing the unknown

    We've written a lot this year about VDI being ready for prime time, about companies trying to figure out what they're going to do next now that they're on Windows 7, and about how the future of the enterprise desktop is not as simple as VDI. All that...
    Published Dec 01 2014 by Brian Madden , 3,656 views, 1 comment
  • The problem with EMM is it doesn't enable businesses to do anything they can't do without it.

    On BrianMadden.com, we like to say that we focus on the broad space of "end user computing," though really that's just a fancy way of saying we cover desktop virtualization and enterprise mobility / EMM. We've put down a lot of words this year talking...
    Published Nov 24 2014 by Brian Madden , 4,212 views, 7 comments
  • Did VDI grow up, or did our expectations come down?

    We've been writing a lot in the past year or so about how VDI has started to turn the corner and people are actually starting to use it in a big way now. But I have to wonder—is this because VDI actually got better, or is it because our once-lofty...
    Published Nov 20 2014 by Brian Madden , 5,171 views, 2 comments
  • 20,000 XenApp users per rack at less than 1 watt per user? Awes.

    Last Friday I wrote an article about the HP Moonshot (a modern day blade-like system) and why I like it for VDI. In one of the follow up conversations from that article, Gabe said to me, "Man, did you see that Citrix is doing XenApp bare metal on the...
    Published Nov 17 2014 by Brian Madden , 9,216 views, 6 comments
  • HP's Moonshot: a modern day blade that removes the sizing risk of VDI?

    Last week I briefly mentioned HP's Moonshot product in an article I did about VDI storage . After reading that article, Jack asked some questions and pointed out that we hadn't actually written a proper article on Moonshot, so that's what I'm doing today...
    Published Nov 14 2014 by Brian Madden , 6,222 views, 3 comments
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