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  • Brian answers the BriForum "What would you ask Brian?" questions

    BriForum 2014 Boston just wrapped up. One of the cool things we did this year was to include the following questions on the registration form: If you had a chance to ask Brian Madden one question at BriForum regarding desktop or application virtualization...
    Published Jul 25 2014 by Brian Madden , 2,437 views, 1 comment
  • BriForum 2014 Boston kicks off today!

    Hello from Boston where we're a few hours away from our 16th BriForum (in our tenth year). A few notes for those attending: The welcome address starts at 9:00. Visit briforum.com/quiz to qualify for the Geek Out (which will take place tomorrow night)...
    Published Jul 21 2014 by Brian Madden , 1,690 views, 0 comments
  • Microsoft's company wide memo: New corporate strategy apparently does not involve Windows desktop applications?

    Last week Microsoft released a company-wide memo from their new CEO Satya Nadella. Most of the news sites have been talking about how this memo outlines Microsoft's desire to change from a "Devices and Services" company to a "Productivity and Platform...
    Published Jul 14 2014 by Brian Madden , 5,257 views, 0 comments
  • The news you may have missed: Amazon's new Zocalo (Box competitor) is free for their DaaS customers. Bar raised?

    Yesterday Amazon Web Services announced a new offering called Zocalo , an enterprise-focused cloud-based file syncing and collaboration service. Zocalo will be $5 per month, per user, for 200 GB of storage. There were a lot of articles talking about how...
    Published Jul 11 2014 by Brian Madden , 3,788 views, 0 comments
  • DaaS Incrementalism

    So you've decided that you're going to use VDI for some of your desktops. Great! Then you decide that you're going to pay for someone else to build and operate that VDI in their cloud environment. So now your paying for cloud desktops. (DaaS) Great! Thanks...
    Published Jul 07 2014 by Brian Madden , 5,015 views, 9 comments
  • We don't need a "bridge" from on-premises to cloud software. We need dirt infill.

    Last week we had a podcast with Citrix's Rakesh Narasimhan and Sridhar Mullapudi to talk about the future of XenApp and XenDesktop. We were talking about Citrix Workspaces Service ( which I love ) and how Citrix needs to "bridge" the current, traditional...
    Published Jun 30 2014 by Brian Madden , 5,099 views, 1 comment
  • Citrix announces CEO Mark Templeton will actually NOT retire, plans to stay a few more years

    Yesterday Citrix announced that CEO Mark Templeton is not going to retire this year after all, instead making a "multi-year commitment." This is a surprise because a few months ago they officially announced that he'd retire by the end of the year, so...
    Published Jun 27 2014 by Brian Madden , 4,828 views, 5 comments
  • VMware Horizon 6 hits the street. Now that the dust has settled, do you care?

    It's been just over two months since VMware announced Horizon 6, their desktop virtualization product which adds app publishing and connectivity to RDSH-based desktops and apps. Last week VMware announced the general availability of the product, and you...
    Published Jun 23 2014 by Brian Madden , 7,458 views, 6 comments
  • There's no such thing as a "hardware" storage vendor

    We've often talked about how many storage vendors there are in the VDI space . (Or, perhaps more specifically, how many non-traditional storage vendors are out there whose products work well for VDI.) Whenever I talk about a new storage vendor, people...
    Published Jun 19 2014 by Brian Madden , 5,107 views, 2 comments
  • Why do we suddenly expect service providers to 'fix' the risks we've had for years?

    One of the cool things about publishing a book for the Kindle is you get to see a list of "popular highlights" in the book. (This is where Amazon shares a list of the passages in the book that have been most-often highlighted by readers.) I was looking...
    Published Jun 16 2014 by Brian Madden , 5,357 views, 5 comments
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