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BriForum 2010 vendor DEMO Lab videos

Written on Jul 20 2010
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by Brian Madden

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We have 31 vendors exhibit in the DEMO Lab at BriForum 2010 in Chicago this year. Each of these vendors showed off their latest and greatest stuff, but unfortunately not everyone had a chance to visit every demo. So like last year, we recorded short overview vendors live from BriForum of each vendors demo. Click on the logo to watch the video.

Event Level Exhibitors

RedHat_012 Wyse_logo_color_012


Citrix_RGB_000 intel_1s_1200_000 HP_D_B_4C_CMYK_300_SM_003


AppSense_Company_Logo AtlantisLogo
netapp_logo_2c_cmyk_008 Quest_009
RES_Softwarev3_003 symantec_rgb_blk_009
teradici-logo_009 VMW_09Q3_LOGO_Corp_K


ac_logo DTS_logo_stacked_2color
ET_vector_logo InstallFreeLogoCMYKpaths_001
iPeak KavizaBlackLogoTranspBckgnd
leostreamLogoNew_027 Liquidware_Labs_Logo
moka5_CMYK_White_horiz NCo_logo_pos_0609
Phase5 logo option3+strap TPFirmenlogoP144CProzeS
triceratlogo-BF_008 UDlogoPMS_001
uniprint_withTM_000 VirtualBridges_000




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appdetective wrote re: BriForum 2010 vendor DEMO Lab videos
on Tue, Jul 20 2010 4:17 PM Link To This Comment

All the links don't work for me at least. Two examples are Atlantis and RES.

Nathan Richmond wrote re: BriForum 2010 vendor DEMO Lab videos
on Wed, Jul 21 2010 9:10 AM Link To This Comment

Symantec doesnt work

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