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BriForum 2007 Chicago DVD set is now available

Written on Aug 12 2007
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by Jack Madden

The complete session content of BriForum Chicago 2007 is now available via a 3-disc DVD set. Gabe spent the last few months assembling and preparing the content, and everything we have is on these discs. (I think they're something like 22GB!)

These discs were built using the new video player that I blogged about last week.

click the image for more details about the DVD set

The cost of the DVD set is $450.00. BriForum attendees can get them for $49. (I sent out an email with the discount code last night.)


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Guest wrote Woo Hoo!
on Mon, Aug 13 2007 9:03 AM Link To This Comment
Woo Hoo!   ...that is all, thank you.

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