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Microsoft Terminal Server Product Group starts blogging!

Written on Jul 05 2006 12,412 views, 3 comments

by Brian Madden

One of the cool things Rick and I learned from visiting Microsoft on our Drive 2006 trip was that the Microsoft Terminal Server product group has just started blogging.

This is fantastic! What a great way for the folks who write Terminal Server to communicate with and receive feedback from the community.

They told us that they're just getting started (with only about one post per week so far), but if this blog proves to be popular then they will be able to justify writing more. So add the RSS feed to your newsreader or home page and let them know that we're out here!

All vendors should let their employees blog. (ahem, Citrix?) Oracle does. Sun does. Microsoft does. So do VMware, IBM, and Google.

I've asked several Citrix employees about why they don't blog, and everyone has given the same answer. "We'd love to, but our corporate culture won't allow it."


What is Citrix afraid of? They're so 2002!


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Kyle Joh wrote MS blogging
on Thu, Jul 6 2006 10:32 AM Link To This Comment
What MS should do is hear feedback from users more.  They need to make a specialized Server OS that is totally different than the regular Server OS.  Make a dedicated Windows TS OS product that comes with all the TS configs, security turned on, different printing subsystems, and licensing feature built in. 

This product would pay off a lot quicker than the 64bit XP.
Guest wrote Agree
on Fri, Jul 7 2006 4:28 PM Link To This Comment
I see Brian your trying to make friends again in Citrix (Sarcism). Your point is correct however Citrix developers and engineers should blog its a great information database and learning databse for us TS Geeks. They need to lose the China wall barrier and embrace some constructive critiscm from there own employees on product pitfalls etc. Even in the Microsoft blog they adimit some faults but are constructively trying to remedy these problems in the future.

I suppose from a Citrix Management point of view there afriad that they might accidentially leak something or say something does not work the way its supposed to and that makes them look bad.
Guest wrote RE: MS blogging
on Wed, Sep 20 2006 10:12 AM Link To This Comment

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