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triCerat acquires TMuLimit technology

Written on Jun 07 2004
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by Brian Madden

The first big announcement of iForum Edinburgh was that triCerat has bought the rights to TMuLimit from TMurgent.

triCerat is a software company that makes add-on products to Terminal Server that enhance printing, security, and management. They're probably best known for their "ScrewDrivers" printing technology, although they offer a whole suite of products.

TMurgent is the company name of Tim Mangan, one of the original architects of Softricity. The TMuLimit product is a piece of software that dynamically adjusts the priorities of “out of control” processes on a Terminal Server or MetaFrame server, thereby allowing the server to be better behaved and to support more users.

The Impact of this Agreement

Tim Mangan is a very smart guy, but his products have not been popular. This has nothing to do with the quality of his products, but rather that his focus has been on consulting and that TMUrgent is a one-man shop. Tim decided to get into the product business almost as an afterthought, having developed custom software solutions for specific client engagements. (That being said, his products have many features are are very mature, it's just that writing software is one of the many things that Tim does.)

triCerat, on the other hand, is in the business of selling software. triCerat really believes in the server-based computing model, and all their products focus on making that technology easier to administer and manage (whether you're using MetaFrame or just pure Terminal Services). triCerat did not have any performance management tools, and the addition of a TMurgent-based performance tool to their lineup helps to round out their offerings.

This is truly a “win-win” scenario. triCerat gets a new tool, and Tim Mangan gets exposure that he wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.


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