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Past Articles Live Podcast #52, with guest Dan Cordingley, CEO of Teradici

Written on Dec 11 2013 8,550 views, 0 comments

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by Brian Madden

Today's podcast was an interview with Dan Cordingley, CEO of Teradici. (You should know Teradici as the creator of the PC-over-IP remoting protocol.) It's hard to believe that Teradici has been around for ten years. I first talked to Dan back in 2004 about this "upcoming remoting protocol they were working on for blade PCs." I can't remember what my initial reaction was, probably it was negative since PC-over-IP is very successful now and I'm wrong about almost everything.

For years Teradici was known as providing PC-over-IP protocol for VMware's VDI solution, and more recently they've started building hardware accelerator cards for servers and they've gone to market with a PC-over-IP solution for RDSH.

The recent big news though is that Amazon chose Teradici PC-over-IP as the remoting protocol for Amazon's WorkSpaces DaaS solution. I talked to Dan a few weeks ago about that announcement, and in addition to talking about Amazon and DaaS in general, we talked about all sorts of things happening in Teradici's world and how they're evolving as a company. At the end of the call I said something like, "You know, this would make a good podcast!"

A few weeks later and Dan's in the Bay Area, so here's our podcast!


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