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  • Video: Brian Madden explains the Consumerization of IT in 3 minutes

    Here's a quick video interview I did at VMworld last month with David Spark about the Consumerization of IT . I think I had been talking for about three days straight at this point, so my voice is starting to go, but I think it's a good overview of how...
    Brian Madden on September 30, 2011 : 3 comments , 6,525 views
  • Did Amazon just enter the desktop virtualization space with their Silk web browser?

    Yesterday Amazon announced a new tablet device (called the Kindle Fire ) which will be a 7-inch tablet running Android. They also announced a new web browser for the device called Amazon Silk . But unlike regular browsers which run locally on the device...
    Brian Madden on September 29, 2011 : 4 comments , 7,967 views
  • Could ThinApp Factory enable Bring Your Own (Thin)Apps?

    A few weeks ago (last week maybe? They all run together…), Jeroen van de Kamp posted about a Login Consultants solution they've called BYOApp . BYOApp is a solution that allows for automatic sequencing of applications as a sort of User Installed...
    Gabe Knuth on September 27, 2011 : 7 comments , 6,846 views
  • Why Microsoft is not getting serious with desktop virtualization in Windows 8

    Ever since Microsoft released a bunch of details about Windows 8 at their BUILD 2011 conference a few weeks ago, I've been getting questions like, "Is it true that Microsoft is finally getting serious about desktop virtualization with Windows 8?" or ...
    Brian Madden on September 22, 2011 : 8 comments , 14,497 views
  • Webcast Part 2: Dell’s own story on Windows 7 migration

    On Wednesday, Sept. 28 industry expert Mark Minasi talks live about best practices for a successful Windows 7 deployment. Also hear from Dell on how they reduced complexity and accelerated their Windows 7 deployment.
    Sponsored Links on September 21, 2011 : 0 comments , 455 views
  • Network Considerations for VDI

    sponsored by Cisco Systems, Inc. This expert IT handbook from is designed to guide IT pros through their transitions to virtual desktop infrastructure. Discover factors to consider before getting started, including network protocols...
    Sponsored Links on September 21, 2011 : 0 comments , 491 views
  • After the VMworld 2011 buzz, a look at VMware AppBlast

    As usual, I came away from VMworld thinking that VMware really has their act together. I was high on AppBlast, Horizon, Persona, and PCoIP offload cards, and for good reason--it's all cool technology that grows their desktop virtualization offering today...
    Gabe Knuth on September 20, 2011 : 8 comments , 12,013 views
  • Live Webcast: Migrating to Windows 7

    On Sept. 21, industry expert Mark Minasi provides essential tips and best practices for a successful Windows 7 migration to ensure you achieve the full productivity and security benefits. Ask all your questions during live Q&A and enter to win one...
    Sponsored Links on September 19, 2011 : 0 comments , 485 views
  • Bring Your Own Application with Microsoft App-V

    Once in a while you encounter a simple but brilliantly refreshing idea. This happened to me a couple of weeks ago. My colleague Matthias Wessner was in the Amsterdam HQ for a visit, and dropped by my office. He asked if I had seen the movie he mailed...
    Jeroen van de Kamp's Blog on September 19, 2011 : 11 comments , 10,458 views
  • What I saw at Intel Developer Forum 2011

    Hi Everyone.. Jack Madden here. This is my first blog post since I joined TechTarget a few weeks ago. I now live in San Francisco, and the 2011 Intel Developers Forum took place a few blocks from our office. While most of the content was outside of our...
    Jack Madden on September 16, 2011 : 0 comments , 5,746 views
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