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  • Let's make it official and call it "user virtualization"

    When we talk about desktop virtualization, we often discuss the " layer " concept where we split the Windows OS into virtual hardware, OS, application, and user layers. The industry has generally agreed on terms like "hardware virtualization"...
    Brian Madden on September 30, 2010 : 18 comments , 14,023 views
  • Project VRC: a deep dive into VDI performance tuning

    Ruben and I are pleased to announce we finally can release the long awaited Phase III whitepaper. As promised: this one does a true VDI deep dive. We think we have interesting new content, and more importantly, many new insights. More and more organizations...
    Jeroen van de Kamp's Blog on September 27, 2010 : 9 comments , 13,566 views
  • The ultimate VDI storage option: "local" virtual storage. Does this product exist?

    A few months ago I wrote an article called " F*** the SAN. VDI storage should be local !" where I argued that for most VDI implementations it's actually a waste of money to boot and run desktop images from a SAN. Instead, I believe, all...
    Brian Madden on September 27, 2010 : 25 comments , 14,275 views
  • Printing in Desktop Virtualization Environments

    Desktop virtualization enables users to work in many new and different ways. While this is a good thing in most cases, there's one thing that will never change: Users will still need to print! But how does printing work in desktop virtualization environments...
    Sponsored Links on September 26, 2010 : 0 comments , 418 views
  • Application Virtualization Smackdown: Head-to-head analysis of Citrix, Endeavors, InstallFree, Microsoft, Spoon, Symantec and VMware - Update Oct 2011

    The complete and in-depth 'Application Virtualization Smackdown v3' whitepaper can be downloaded in English here Are you looking for an independent overview of the Application Streaming and Virtualization solutions and curious about the different features...
    Ruben Spruijt on September 22, 2010 : 8 comments , 45,347 views
  • Does OS "tuning" help VDI performance? (Part 1)

    A few weeks ago a commenter here (edgeseeker) suggested that I was “still living in the 90’s” when I stated that tuning the desktop OS, removing services and tweaking certain configurations could improve performance in a VDI environment...
    Ron Oglesby on September 22, 2010 : 23 comments , 19,563 views
  • Thin Clients in 2010: A New Dawn Or a Setting Sun?

    Thin client computing has been around for decades, and Windows-based thin clients have been around since the mid-1990s. But now that companies are looking at desktop virtualization, thin client devices are making a comeback of sorts. In this independent...
    Sponsored Links on September 22, 2010 : 0 comments , 451 views
  • VMware's application vision is ahead of its time...which might be perfect

    Brian's article on VMware's Project Horizon got turned over quite a bit in the comments. Some people, Brian included, think it's awesome. Others just yawn. For me, right now in September 2010, I think that Horizon is more of a necessity than...
    Gabe Knuth on September 17, 2010 : 4 comments , 6,256 views
  • App-V vs. ThinApp: Head to Head, a video from BriForum 2010

    Presenter: Michael Burke Co-Presenter: Tim Mangan In this head-to-head session on ThinApp vs. App-V, you'll be exposed to the pluses and minuses of each of these two leading application virtualization technologies. In a unique and interactive dual...
    Videos on September 15, 2010 : 0 comments , 3,200 views
  • Large Farm Design Considerations for XenDesktop: Real World Enterprise Scaling , a video from BriForum 2010

    Presenter: Nick Rintalan Learn how to scale XenDesktop on a massive scale based on Rintalan's field experiences from designing and implementing XD for his largest customers. He will discuss some of the things we've learned about DDC roles, Virtual...
    Videos on September 15, 2010 : 0 comments , 1,833 views
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