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  • Brian Madden TV #31 - PCoIP add-in cards, Virtual Bridges Spice, and the week's news

    After many months of no Brian Madden TV, we're relaunching it for 2011. (This is primarily thanks to our new video producer Justin Meisinger who joined us in August.) The biggest change to Brian Madden TV for 2011 is that we're keeping the show...
    Brian Madden TV on December 27, 2010 : 6 comments , 6,889 views
  • Citrix launches a "BYO" marketing campaign which is actually pretty cool

    BYO: "Bring your own" as in "bring your own computer." We've written about this concept before on, and Citrix has embraced it for awhile. But just a few weeks ago they raised the bar, launching a "BYO"...
    Brian Madden on December 21, 2010 : 3 comments , 9,398 views
  • Brian Madden Video - How to manage your new VDI environment

    There are a lot of reasons why people choose to implement thin clients. Some want to save money. Others want increased security. Regardless of the specific reason, for every company that has successfully deployed thin clients, there are companies who...
    Sponsored Links on December 20, 2010 : 0 comments , 468 views
  • If VDI is so great, then why aren't you using it?

    I don't mean "you" as in "your users." I mean "you" as in "you personally." Why aren't YOU using VDI? Is it because you're a road warrior? Because you need your VMs locally? Because you're a Mac...
    Brian Madden on December 17, 2010 : 39 comments , 15,689 views
  • Amazing! Quest OEMs Liquidware Lab's VDI assessment toolkit and provides it for free!

    From the "hell yeah!" department, Quest Software has licensed Liquidware Labs' VDI assessment tool and decided to provide it for free to everyone. No strings attached. Just go download it! For those unfamiliar with Liquidware Labs, I wrote an article...
    Brian Madden on December 15, 2010 : 22 comments , 15,710 views
  • Band of merry misfits assembles to guide the direction of VDI

    From the "so close," department, a few weeks ago we learned that a new coalition has been formed around VDI, calling themselves The VDI Coalition . Not to be confused with the VDI Alliance , the other VDI Alliance , the VDI Industry Consortium...
    Brian Madden on December 14, 2010 : 5 comments , 7,189 views
  • BriForum 2011 details: May in London, July in Chicago

    It's time to start thinking about BriForum again! As many of you know that for 2011, we'll be bringing BriForum back to Europe, adding a second conference to complement our US show: This year's shows represent our ninth and tenth BriForums...
    Brian Madden on December 13, 2010 : 0 comments , 5,102 views
  • The inverse bell curve of Terminal Server / SBC: This stuff is going to be huge again!

    Yesterday I wrote about Google's announcement of their upcoming Chrome OS, a "browser running on bare metal" that will just be used for web apps. I predicted (like many others) that as web apps evolve into true rich internet apps that can...
    Brian Madden on December 09, 2010 : 8 comments , 10,710 views
  • With Google Chrome OS and remoted Windows apps, who needs Windows on the desktop?

    Most everyone knows that Google hosted an event in San Francisco yesterday where they officially unveiled their own operating system known as " Google Chrome OS ." In their own words, this OS is "essentially the Google Chrome browser running...
    Brian Madden on December 08, 2010 : 15 comments , 13,138 views
  • MokaFive's 3.0 release is imminent.

    MokaFive is getting ready to launch Version 3 of their product, which will add full Windows 7 support, integrated AVG, and multitenant support for service providers. The price will remain unchanged, starting at $150 per user, per year. Notably missing...
    Brian Madden on December 07, 2010 : 3 comments , 7,296 views
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