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  • Brian Madden TV episode 3 - VMworld Europe 2009 news & wrap up

    VMworld Europe 2009 took place this week in Cannes, France. Brian's been at the show all week talking to folks and blogging. In this episode of Brian Madden TV, Brian and Gabe discuss the big news and cool things from the show, including what (we...
    Brian Madden TV on February 26, 2009 : 17 comments , 13,514 views
  • VMware clarifies what features they'll support via PC-over-IP for VDI

    Like most conferences, VMware used the Day 2 keynote for the more technical content they wanted to share with the conference-wide audience. The keynote was led by VMware's CTO Steve Herrod. Steve confirmed the high level stuff that Paul Maritz mentioned...
    Brian Madden on February 25, 2009 : 16 comments , 22,395 views
  • Flashback: Our first article about VDI from 2005

    Yesterday at VMworld Europe 2009, I gave a presentation called "VDI versus Terminal Services." During that presentation I talked how VDI came from nowhere very fast, and that even a few years ago people thought it was crazy. To that end, I promised...
    Brian Madden on February 25, 2009 : 1 comments , 4,082 views
  • Citrix in Jan: "We're partnering with Intel." VMware today: "Oh yeah? We're partnering with Intel AND we have them on stage. So suck it!"

    About a month ago, Citrix announced "Project Independence," a Xen-based bare-metal client hypervisor. One of the big elements of this announcement was that Citrix was partnering with Intel to create this new hypervisor. In conversations with...
    Brian Madden on February 24, 2009 : 7 comments , 8,088 views
  • Citrix XenApp's new feature pack is really just a licensing change. How significant is this?

    Yesterday Citrix announced a Feature Pack for XenApp 5 . (Interestingly they're just calling it "XenApp 5 Feature Pack," not "Feature Pack 1" or anything.) From what I can tell, there are not any new features per se, but rather...
    Brian Madden on February 24, 2009 : 9 comments , 12,408 views
  • How VMware is misleading everyone about the cost savings of VDI

    I just got out of my first breakout session here at VMworld Europe 2009. It was a session about the cost savings of VDI. The presenter was good and the content was basically good. In the session, the presenter walked step-by-step through a comparison...
    Brian Madden on February 23, 2009 : 31 comments , 32,815 views
  • VMworld Europe 2009 is this week. What should we look for?

    VMworld Europe 2009 is taking place this week in Cannes, France, kicking off tomorrow morning. I'm onsite in Cannes now. Much of the content of this VMworld is similar to the content from last September's VMworld in Las Vegas. It was at that event...
    Brian Madden on February 23, 2009 : 6 comments , 4,275 views
  • Brian Madden TV episode 2 - Predictions for 2009

    Two videos in two days? Don't worry. We're not converting the website over to a video-only format. This second episode of Brian Madden TV was recorded at the same time as our first episode (with the same beta feel). Originally we were planning...
    Brian Madden TV on February 20, 2009 : 9 comments , 7,156 views
  • Announcing Brian Madden TV - a weekly "behind the headlines" online news show

    Gabe and I are happy to announce a new weekly online news show about the desktop and application virtualization industry called "Brian Madden TV." The first episode is available now . (Is this a "beta?" Or a "pilot?") The...
    Brian Madden on February 19, 2009 : 5 comments , 4,481 views
  • Brian Madden TV episode 1 - 2008 year in review

    Here's our first ever Brian Madden TV show! ( Read Brian's blog post explaining what this is all about. ) In this episode, Brian and Gabe review the big events, trends, and themes of the desktop and application virtualization space from 2008....
    Brian Madden TV on February 19, 2009 : 7 comments , 6,731 views
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