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  • Microsoft's Desktop Virtualization product line as of 2009

    Last up in our rundown of the Big 5's desktop virtualization product lines is Microsoft. This is probably the most ambiguous vendor, because so many of their products intertwine to make up their solution. Many of those products have been around for...
    Gabe Knuth on December 29, 2009 : 6 comments , 11,259 views
  • Brian Madden TV #26 - 2009 year in review

    In our 2009 year-end wrap-up show, Gabe and Brian look back at the ten biggest stories of 2009. Calista, where are you? The capital costs of VDI get more in-line with traditional desktops Citrix combines XenApp and XenDesktop licensing No more excuses...
    Brian Madden TV on December 23, 2009 : 1 comments , 5,585 views
  • BriForum 2010 will be June 15-17 in Chicago; early-bird reg now open

    Who can believe it’s already time to start planning our eighth BriForum conference which will take place June 15-17, 2010, at the Hilton Chicago. (This is the same hotel as last year.) We’re building on the success of the past seven BriForums...
    Brian Madden on December 22, 2009 : 5 comments , 4,554 views
  • Quest ends the year with a bang, releases vWorkspace 7

    The last Friday before Christmas should be filled with shopping malls and last-minute grabbing at shiny things that I can only hope will make my wife happy (just kidding, honey, you're awesome!), but for me, it was spent downloading Quest's vWorkspace...
    Gabe Knuth on December 21, 2009 : 20 comments , 6,676 views
  • Microsoft hates Type 1 client hypervisors. (A guest post by AppDetective)

    I'm fully expecting both Citrix and VMWare to make a big deal about XenClient when it's released shortly and CVP when it get's closer to a release date. Virtual Computer is already out there with a client hypervisor, as is Neocleus. But what...
    AppDetective on December 17, 2009 : 24 comments , 12,510 views
  • A Feature Request for "Process Monitor"

    I hope Microsoft is listening – I make a feature request at the end of the article. I recently was called in to help a client with an issue with a particularly bad application. They wanted to virtualize it using the latest version of App-V. In fact...
    Tim Mangan on December 16, 2009 : 6 comments , 19,361 views
  • Citrix releases Tech Preview for XenApp codenamed “Parra” (XenApp 6?)

    Yesterday Citrix released the beta (or “Tech Preview” in their words) for the next version of XenApp which has been known by the codename “Parra.” It’s not known how this will be branded, but with the changes we’re...
    Brian Madden on December 16, 2009 : 9 comments , 13,060 views
  • VMware's Desktop Virtualization product line as of 2009

    Today's vendor in our rundown of the Big 5's product lines is VMware. Previously I've written about Citrix , Symantec , and Quest , which leaves just Microsoft after today. First, we'll take a look at VMware's products that fit into the desktop virtualization...
    Gabe Knuth on December 15, 2009 : 7 comments , 6,105 views
  • What desktop virtualization skills should we brush-up on during the holidays?

    The second half of December is traditionally a slower time at the office which provides an opportunity for us to catch up on the stuff we've been putting off all year. When I was in Chicago last week for a Desktop Virtualization seminar, I was talking...
    Brian Madden on December 14, 2009 : 18 comments , 6,023 views
  • Red Hat makes the Qumranet SPICE protocol open source. A free alternative to ICA/PCoIP?

    Yesterday Red Hat used what was arguably the worst-titled press release ever to announce that they are open sourcing their SPICE remote display protocol. SPICE was developed by Qumranet a few years ago and made a huge splash at BriForum in 2008 when they...
    Brian Madden on December 10, 2009 : 17 comments , 23,176 views
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