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  • Who is "the next Citrix?" (or VMware, for that matter)

    Last week, I asked Brian who he thought "the next Citrix" would be. What I meant by that is more complex than "Who is going to be the next big player in desktop delivery?" Instead, the question is more about what the next come-from...
    Gabe Knuth on November 30, 2009 : 9 comments , 6,542 views
  • A technical explanation of why the whole “layering” / shared image thing is so difficult

    Yesterday’s main article on was about the disk images used for today’s VDI deployments. We specifically looked at whether the technologies that allow many users to “share” a single master image are actually ready...
    Brian Madden on November 24, 2009 : 27 comments , 15,491 views
  • Is today's VDI really only about non-shared, personal images?

    Today's topic is something that user " AppDetective " has been talking about in almost every one of the 243 comments he's posted. Essentially he's saying that VDI today is limited to persistent, or "1-to-1"...
    Brian Madden on November 23, 2009 : 27 comments , 10,653 views
  • Reflections on our work life on the one year anniversary of being acquired by TechTarget

    On November 20, 2008, Gabe and I wrote that The Brian Madden Company had been acquired by TechTarget . It's hard to believe it's been a year already, although it's cool that I finally know most of my coworkers' names. In the past year...
    Brian Madden on November 20, 2009 : 9 comments , 5,665 views
  • Brian Madden TV #24 - MultiPoint, Quest, and Aqua Connect's Terminal Server for Mac OS X

    In this week's episode of Brian Madden TV, Brian & Gabe discuss: Microsoft MultiPoint Server and how NComputing and Microsoft are working together How Quest Software has done with their acquisition of Provision Networks and the near release of...
    Brian Madden TV on November 19, 2009 : 13 comments , 7,768 views
  • Quest's desktop virtualization product line as of 2009

    Next up in our series of product lines from the Big 5 (Citrix, Symantec, Quest, VMware, and Microsoft, in no particular order) is Quest Software's Desktop Virtualization Group . There will be a chart at the end, but it will probably be one of the...
    Gabe Knuth on November 18, 2009 : 38 comments , 7,143 views
  • If imitation is flattery, Microsoft MultiPoint will make NComputing blush

    Last week Microsoft announced something called Windows MultiPoint Server 2010 , a technology for classrooms that lets up to ten students use individual terminals to share the resources of one single host computer. In technical terms you could think of...
    Brian Madden on November 17, 2009 : 9 comments , 12,642 views
  • Is VDI finally cheaper than traditional PCs for CapEx?

    One of the promises of VDI has always been that it’s "cheaper" than traditional PCs. (Actually, that's a promise of server-based computing in general, not just VDI.) Anyone who's looked into this quickly learns there are two kinds...
    Brian Madden on November 16, 2009 : 27 comments , 13,849 views
  • Announcing the daily podcast

    Last week we started an experiment where we're publishing audio version of our daily articles in a sort of daily podcast. These are "real" audio versions, with Gabe or me actually recording ourselves explaining the articles. We attach the...
    Brian Madden on November 15, 2009 : 1 comments , 20,878 views
  • Answers to this week’s most common questions about VMware View 4

    I wrote about VMware’s View 4 announcement on Monday. Since then there have been a lot of questions raised. I’ve managed to get answers to some, and I’m working on getting answers to the rest. But I figured that for today I’d update...
    Brian Madden on November 13, 2009 : 20 comments , 16,076 views
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