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  • A look at AppTitude from App-DNA

    Let us be clear up front. There is no magic bullet to eliminate the pain of application migration . AppTitude from App-DNA is a unique and valuable tool for acquiring and managing “ Application Intelligence ” on your software applications...
    Tim Mangan on January 31, 2009 : 8 comments , 14,196 views
  • So why exactly did Citrix invest in Virtual Computer?

    On Monday, I wrote about startup company Virtual Computer receiving $15m in venture funding from several companies, including Citrix . Virtual Computer is developing a Xen-based bare-metal client hypervisor. While this is very cool, it seemed that Virtual...
    Brian Madden on January 30, 2009 : 4 comments , 7,971 views
  • Citrix plans to lay off 10% of global workforce. Microsoft is planning 5%. VMware? No layoffs planned.

    There's a little surprise hidden in the depths of Citrix's 4Q08 and FY08 earnings results . The company announced the "implementation of a restructuring program and steps to reduce its headcount by approximately 10 percent of the company’s...
    Brian Madden on January 28, 2009 : 7 comments , 9,445 views
  • BriForum DVD's for sale (finally!)

    At long last, we're able to make the DVD's from BriForum 2008 in Chicago available for sale ! This past BriForum was our biggest yet, with over 60 sessions presented by more than 20 speakers to over 400 attendees. Now you can see every single...
    Gabe Knuth on January 27, 2009 : 2 comments , 3,790 views
  • An introduction to VMware View 3, Part 3 of 3 – Special Considerations and Best Practices

    In this three-part article series, Roland van der Kruk, a freelance consultant in The Netherlands, takes a look at the new features of VMware View 3, as well as best practices learned while doing a deployment for a customer. Part 1 provides information...
    Guest Bloggers on January 26, 2009 : 7 comments , 18,367 views
  • Will Project Independence and vClient kill Virtual Computer? Hardly. They just got $15m funding.

    When VMware announced their bare-metal hypervisor and vClient initiative , I wrote that I hoped Citrix would buy a company like Virtual Computer or Neocleus to compete in the space. Instead Citrix built a bare metal solution themselves, announcing "Project...
    Brian Madden on January 26, 2009 : 12 comments , 7,114 views
  • VDI and TS performance on ESX, Hyper-V, Xen, and bare-metal: head-to-head results are here via Project Virtual Reality Check!

    Jeroen van de Kamp and I are proud to finally announce the official launch of project "Virtual Reality Check” (VRC). This is a independent research joint venture between our companies--Login Consultants and PQR. The primary purpose of VRC is...
    Ruben Spruijt on January 25, 2009 : 10 comments , 16,091 views
  • Citrix Xen-based client hypervisor video

    A few days ago Brian wrote about Citrix 'Project Independence' , a very (very) interesting and useful desktop delivery solution. In my opinion client-side bare metal hypervisors will change the way we delivery applications and desktops to users...
    Ruben Spruijt on January 23, 2009 : 11 comments , 8,253 views
  • Yes, we will have BriForum this year. Chicago, July 21-23, 2009.

    Several people have asked whether we're doing BriForum this year since we're part of TechTarget now. The answer is YES! Same independent content. Same call for presentations. Same Geek Out! (Biggest change for 2009: Gabe and I will not be running...
    Brian Madden on January 22, 2009 : 5 comments , 3,991 views
  • Cisco, VMware, & Brian Madden webcast about VDI & the WAN, today @11:00am Eastern

    If anyone has a spare hour today, I'll be giving a webcast with Cisco and VMware at 11:00 Eastern time (16:00 GMT). Registration is required, which may be done here . The general flow of the webcast is that I'll do a quick 15 minute intro about...
    Brian Madden on January 22, 2009 : 1 comments , 5,185 views
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