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  • Xtreaming Technology releases VHD CMS Professional 1.0 of its diskless OS-streaming product

    Xtreaming Technology Inc. is a new US-invested start-up company working out of Shanghai, China investing in building diskless related products. Their Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) product uses OS-streaming and allows any PC to boot up a full version of Windows XP or Vista from across a network and run it locally. Last weeks I spend some time investigating their solution, the technology seems to be promissing. I just want to share the information with the community....
    Ruben Spruijt on July 31, 2008 : 55 comments , 9,383 views
  • Citrix sells off the part of Ardence that isn't Provisioning Server

    Just a quick note to clarify a recent Ardence/Citrix related announcement that's making the rounds this week. Yesterday, Citrix announced that it had sold off Ardence's embedded software business, which has been stuck in Citrix purgatory after...
    Gabe Knuth on July 29, 2008 : 5 comments , 6,589 views
  • Quest Software releases Provision Networks Virtual Access Suite 5.10

    The Provision Networks division of Quest Software just released Version 5.10 of their Virtual Access Suite, their VDI / TS application and desktop virtualization product. This is the first major release since Quest hired four formerly independent world-famous experts....
    Brian Madden on July 29, 2008 : 44 comments , 9,761 views
  • "What I learned at BriForum" Webcast - Wednesday 7/30

    Our sixth BriForum conference took place in Chicago about six weeks ago. It was our biggest event yet, with over 400 people and 75 hours of technical breakout session content. A few weeks ago I was talking to another presenter, Kevin Goodman, (the guy who created the "Logon Chart" with me), and we were talking about the cool things we saw and learned. "You know," Kevin said, "This conversation would make a great webcast."...
    Brian Madden on July 28, 2008 : 10 comments , 6,747 views
  • BriForum Video - Technical Review of Citrix XenApp Web 5.0

    Today we wanted to show some of the great content that we had at BriForum last month. In this video, Thomas Kötzing of discusses XenApp Web 5.0, otherwise known as Web Interface 5.0 in a session titled "Technical Review...
    Gabe Knuth on July 22, 2008 : 11 comments , 7,730 views
  • Are you using x64 Terminal Servers or Citrix? Why or why not?

    At BriForum last month, Steve Greenberg, Joe Shonk, and I led a breakout session about using the x64 version of Windows for Terminal Server and Citrix Presentation Server. It was an interesting conversation, and something that's worth discussing in the larger context of the community.

    Brian Madden on July 22, 2008 : 33 comments , 10,190 views
  • Make Server Virtualization Work for Citrix Presentation Server webinar

    Dan Feller over at Citrix is conducting a webinar on July 23rd from 1pm - 2pm ET....
    Michael Keen on July 18, 2008 : 0 comments , 4,263 views
  • Understanding all the Application and Desktop delivery solutions in 30 minutes

    The “Application and Desktop Delivery solutions” diagram has been developed in order to be able to provide a complete overview of the various applications and desktop delivery solutions. This article was written by Ruben Spruijt in order to introduce the highlights of the delivery solutions in 30 minutes. There are so many delivery solutions that the functionalities can be confused through incomplete knowledge. The point of this article is not to describe all of the application scenarios or the technical advantages or disadvantages, but purely as a high level, vendor dependent overview of the start of technology in the applications and desktop delivery segment. Hopefully this overview will be helpful!...
    Ruben Spruijt on July 16, 2008 : 11 comments , 18,406 views
  • Microsoft will release Application Virtualization 4.5 on 8 september

    At Microsoft's WorldWide Partner Conference in Houston Microsoft announced that App-V will be released at 8 September. Microsoft Application Virtualization, short term is App-V 4.5, will give alot of new functionalities and is current in Release Candidate phase....
    Ruben Spruijt on July 16, 2008 : 1 comments , 5,449 views
  • Citrix ICA client for the iPhone. Would you care?

    Last month, Citrix showed a mockup of what an ICA client for the iPhone could look like. Does this represent the future of application access, or is this just a neat party trick?...
    Brian Madden on July 16, 2008 : 37 comments , 17,691 views
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