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  • Citrix XenDesktop Beta is available for public download

    Citrix just released the beta of XenDesktop. It's available to download by anyone. Remember that XenDesktp is a new product based on a combinations of what used to be Citrix Desktop Server, Citrix Provisioning Server (Ardence), and Citrix XenServer (for hosting desktop VMs)....
    Brian Madden on February 27, 2008 : 48 comments , 14,457 views
  • Group Policy best practices for Citrix and Terminal Server environments

    In this article, Gabe Knuth talks about some best practices regarding Group Policies for Presentation Server and other Terminal Server environments....
    Gabe Knuth on February 26, 2008 : 29 comments , 58,342 views
  • Novell acquires PlateSpin for $205m! Cash!

    I know what you're thinking. "Novell is still around? And they have an extra $205m in cash?" I don't know too much about PlateSpin or Novell (in the context of 2008), so in this article I'll look at both companies and try to establish a framework for a conversation from readers about what this could mean....
    Brian Madden on February 25, 2008 : 15 comments , 11,071 views
  • Woo-hoo! I won a Citrix Oscar... I think?

    A Citrix blogger announced the "winners" of Citrix's Tech Videos for the past year. The top two videos were mine! I went online to bask in the glory but couldn't find my videos. It turns out that Citrix renamed them all for "XenApp," even though that product doesn't exist yet and my videos are NOT about XenApp....
    Brian Madden on February 25, 2008 : 8 comments , 11,850 views
  • Vista Aero Glass for VDI: What's real today

    In this article, Glenda Canfield looks at how HP and Citrix are delivering Vista Aero Glass to thin clients today, and why such a solution requires a Blade PC or Workstation Blade....
    Guest Bloggers on February 24, 2008 : 17 comments , 11,572 views
  • Citrix XenApp integration and reference guide for Citrix Provisioning Server

    Citrix officialy released the utility and a reference guide for the installation of Citrix XenApp (former know as Presentation Server) inside a Citrix Provisioning Server for Datacenters (Former known as Ardence) vDisk. It details the steps necessary to install and configure XenApp with a CPVS implementation....
    Ruben Spruijt on February 21, 2008 : 7 comments , 15,065 views
  • Sun increases their VM reach by buying a desktop VM vendor. Wait, Sun has a VM reach?

    Another interesting thing that happened when I had the flu last week was that Sun bought a small German company called Innotek, the maker of an open source desktop VM product called VirtualBox....
    Brian Madden on February 21, 2008 : 13 comments , 9,081 views
  • El Reg pokes Citrix, Citrix bites back. Do we have a XenServer storage plan now?

    The Register's Ashlee Vance wrote an article last week about Citrix XenServer 4.1. In typical Reg-style snarky tone, Vance is upset with Citrix because before the acquisition, XenSource had announced that the next version of their server product would include Symantec's Veritas Storage Foundation software built-in. But when Citrix finally released the XenServer 4.1 beta last week, the Symantex Veritas code was nowhere to be found.

    Brian Madden on February 19, 2008 : 12 comments , 10,751 views
  • An in-depth review of Citrix Workflow Studio

    Citrix announced a new product, called "Citrix Workflow Studio," as part of their multi-product announcement last week. Based on Microsoft's Windows Workflow Foundations, Citrix Workflow Studio is a graphical workflow environment where you can drag-and-drop configuration elements of your Citrix environment. Once you get everything set up how you want it, you can click "go" and the system will go out and build or configure your real environment just as you modeled it....
    Brian Madden on February 17, 2008 : 11 comments , 15,097 views
  • Microsoft RDP vs Citrix ICA vs Citrix ICA+SpeedScreen progressive display

    This Youtube video compares Microsoft RDP, Citrix ICA and Citrix ICA + SpeedScreen Progressive display with each other.See it your self! SpeedScreen Progressive Display is a feature of Citrix XenApp (old school Presentation Server). I am curious if this feature will be added to XenDesktop! When you want to see the same 3D appplication demo running @ XenApp 4.5 within out Solution Showcase environment 'Virtuall' please request access www.virtuall.EU...
    Ruben Spruijt on February 16, 2008 : 9 comments , 23,569 views
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