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  • Citrix Project Apollo: Aero, DirectX, and OpenGL via ICA

    It's been over a year since Citrix first demoed "Project Apollo," their solution for remoting Vista Aero glass to clients. Displaying Vista Aero glass over a remote display protocol like ICA or RDP is complex, because Aero requires a GPU...
    Brian Madden on December 29, 2008 : 16 comments , 12,556 views
  • State of the industry survey: What products and techniques do you use today?

    Are you curious how many people are using products from vendors other than Citrix? Do you want to know if anyone else is doing the "double hop" method of server-based computing? How many other companies also buy third-party profile management...
    Brian Madden on December 18, 2008 : 2 comments , 5,162 views
  • Citrix XenDesktop: Centralization Alone Is Not the Answer

    Citrix XenDesktop is the desktop virtualization solution by Citrix. In this article, Ruben Spruijt discusses the advantages and disadvantages of desktop virtualization and the role that Citrix XenDesktop plays therein. What is the function of the Citrix...
    Ruben Spruijt on December 18, 2008 : 6 comments , 9,988 views
  • Ericom's True Media Experience, or Reverse Seamless Windows

    Earlier this week, I had a briefing with Ericom and came away with an interesting bit of information about their upcoming PowerTerm Webconnect release. "True Media Experience," which uses a technology developed by Ericom called Reverse Seamless...
    Gabe Knuth on December 17, 2008 : 11 comments , 6,450 views
  • XenApp 5 Feature Profile - Citrix Universal XPS Printer Driver

    I hate printing. Sadly, it's one of those necessary evils like backups, patch Tuesday, and renewing your driver's license (where I've actually helped fix a printer...sigh). That said, among the many changes in XenApp 5, Citrix has added some...
    Gabe Knuth on December 16, 2008 : 7 comments , 27,424 views
  • CherryPal - A cloud-based computer for $249

    This morning I was checking out Digg and saw a post about something called a CherryPal . Thinking maybe it had something to do with CherryOS , I decided to check it out. What I found had nothing to do with a PowerPC emulator for the PC. In fact, the CherryPal...
    Gabe Knuth on December 12, 2008 : 5 comments , 6,212 views
  • VDI, VDI+, Really, it's all about all desktops. (And so are we!)

    Last night I was thinking about something I'd written last week. In a conversation about what is or isn't "VDI," I wrote about how the term "VDI" was evolving to what I called "VDI+", but that in five years it wouldn't...
    Brian Madden on December 11, 2008 : 12 comments , 8,678 views
  • Is offline VDI really that important? Yes! (But not for the reasons you think.)

    I was speaking with some folks yesterday about VDI and the future of our industry, and they asked me, "Why do you make such a big deal about offline VDI ? Do you really think it's that important?" And actually, people wrote the same type of questions...
    Brian Madden on December 10, 2008 : 11 comments , 11,380 views
  • Application Virtualization Solutions Overview and Feature Comparison Matrix, Reloaded!

    In April 2007, I released the first Application Virtualization Feature Compare Matrix, aka ‘The Matrix’. In December 2008, a new white paper is released. This document will provide information about the various application- and desktop delivery...
    Ruben Spruijt on December 10, 2008 : 2 comments , 9,431 views
  • Citrix XenDesktop also allows streaming disk images to local laptops. So it's more than VDI, it's a "desktop delivery system."

    Citrix's Robert Hammersmith took me to task last week for pigeon-holing XenDesktop as just an old-school server-based computing product that connects to Windows XP or Vista hosts instead of Terminal Server hosts. Specifically, he wrote : Brian frequently...
    Brian Madden on December 09, 2008 : 10 comments , 14,628 views
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