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  • A Look at Microsoft "Hyper-V Server" on a Notebook

    Summary This article is a personal look at trying the Microsoft Hyper-V Server. It is not a formal "review", but more of a personal observation, in trying to use the product differently than perhaps Microsoft intended. In this article, a look...
    Tim Mangan on November 30, 2008 : 16 comments , 21,589 views
  • Do you think VMware is catching up to Citrix in the desktop space? Balderdash! Citrix needs to catch up to VMware.

    I heard an analyst the other day who said that with VMware's View and vClient announcements over the past few months, they were finally starting to catch up to Citrix in the desktop space. "Are you kidding me?" I thought. "The tables...
    Brian Madden on November 25, 2008 : 30 comments , 21,215 views
  • How should we do product reviews on

    One of the best things about being part of TechTarget is that Gabe and I can spent a lot more time writing. In the very old days (of 2003), I did a fair amount of honest-to-goodness products reviews. We haven't really done too many (if any?) of these...
    Brian Madden on November 24, 2008 : 8 comments , 25,577 views
  • The Best of Two Worlds in App-V

    In our latest master level training class on Microsoft App-V 4.5 in Boston last week, Christopher Cawvey asked a question that lead us down an unexpected path; through it we may have discovered a new way to deploy virtual applications to terminal servers...
    Tim Mangan on November 23, 2008 : 55 comments , 26,228 views
  • Details about Microsoft Calista start to emerge, but much is still unknown

    It's been almost a year since Microsoft bought Calista Technologies , a non-shipping set of technologies that leverages host and client-based GPUs for 3D and multimedia remoting. Since the acquisition, Microsoft has been mum about the technology....
    Brian Madden on November 21, 2008 : 7 comments , 8,289 views
  • is now part of TechTarget

    I'm happy to announce that we have been acquired by TechTarget . This is really cool because it means that Gabe and I can focus 100% on writing and interacting with the community, and we don't have to be weighed down by all the operational minutia...
    Brian Madden on November 20, 2008 : 25 comments , 13,001 views
  • Viewpoint on GM and IT

    We've all been hearing about how the big 3 automakers are coming with "hat in hand" to Washington to get their hands on $25 billion to help them survive. There are many opinions out there about this and I'm not going to share everything I think about...
    Michael Keen on November 20, 2008 : 0 comments , 3,881 views
  • Virtual Desktops and N=1

    This will probably shock a lot of you, but this will probably be my shortest post ever. It's been the buzz for quite some time. We spent a great deal of time talking about it at the last BriForum, I hear about it from customers in almost every meeting...
    Michael Keen on November 19, 2008 : 9 comments , 5,663 views
  • Geek Speak Road Trip #2 Registration Info

    hey all, well now that we have a few things solidified (nothing like cutting it short on time huh?), I wanted to share with you all here in the Midwest the registration link for the event. I hope that if you are around you will plan to make it to the...
    Michael Keen on November 18, 2008 : 2 comments , 3,422 views
  • XenApp 5 Feature Profile: Special Folder Redirection

    Now that the early adopters have had their fun with XenApp 5, the path has been cleared for the wait-and-see crowd to get their hands a little dirty in the sandbox. Citrix has announced over 50 new features and enhancements, and we're going to take...
    Gabe Knuth on November 17, 2008 : 11 comments , 27,827 views
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