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  • VMware releases VDM2, the new version of their VDI product. What will the impact be?

    Yesterday VMware released the much-awaited update to their VDI product, VDM2. This is a complete VDI solution, packaging VI3, a desktop broker, and the management tools you need to have a turnkey VDI solution. How will it fare against Citrix, Microsoft, and Provision Networks in the market?...
    Brian Madden on January 31, 2008 : 50 comments , 15,133 views
  • Is is time for Microsoft to create "User Center" to complement System Center?

    All of the big vendors are so focused on managing "systems" (virtual, local, remote, streaming, on-demand, snap-shotted) that they're forgetting the "other half" of what customers have to deal with each day: the users! What if they took user management as seriously as system management?...
    Brian Madden on January 30, 2008 : 24 comments , 8,936 views
  • Submit your session ideas for BriForum 2008 Chicago, the event website is live

    It's a new year, and BriForum is just around the corner. As we announced in October, BriForum 2008 Chicago will take place June 16-18, 2008, at the Chicago Navy Pier. We've updated with all the information about this year's conference. Can you believe this will be our sixth BriForum?...
    Brian Madden on January 28, 2008 : 6 comments , 10,942 views
  • Thoughts from Citrix Summit Keynote, day 1

    Tim Mangan is at the Citrix Summit, the annual event that Citrix hosts to talk with their partners. In this post from the Summit in Orlando, Tim talks about his thoughts after the opening keynote....
    Tim Mangan on January 28, 2008 : 10 comments , 12,779 views
  • Citrix Presentation Server has left the building, XenApp is the new name

    Today @ Citrix Summit08 Florida US, Mark Templeton announced that the name Citrix Presentation Server (CPS) will be changed to Citrix XenApp. After a few years using Citrix Presentation Server this new name joins XENdesktop (Citrix Provisioning Server and Citrix Desktop Server) and XENserver (XENSource). So it's all about XEN... that's for sure!...
    Ruben Spruijt on January 28, 2008 : 76 comments , 25,230 views
  • Will Microsoft buy Citrix?

    Last week a few news sites claimed that Forbes said that Microsoft might buy Citrix. While those claims aren't really valid, it does make for a fun mental exercise to think about....
    Brian Madden on January 27, 2008 : 23 comments , 17,288 views
  • For Sale: Citrix Netscaler 7000 series

    Normally I don't post this kind of blog items... But, for this time I make a exception. There aren't that much Netscalers for sale ;-) @ Home I have a Citrix Netscaler 7000 series, I don't use it. In our R&D environment we already have 2 Netscalers up-and-running. I have bought this appliance from a customer who did win it on a Citrix tradeshow. The device is two years old, never been used and has an Enterprise (NFR) license. There wasn't a SA on the license....
    Ruben Spruijt on January 27, 2008 : 4 comments , 10,917 views
  • Microsoft gets serious about virtualized desktops (in a Microsofty way)

    Now that we've spent a whole week looking at each aspects of Microsoft's big desktop virtualization announcement from Monday, let's take a step back and look at what this means in the grander scheme of things....
    Brian Madden on January 25, 2008 : 8 comments , 9,642 views
  • Microsoft and Citrix clarify XenSource / Hyper-V interaction. Both companies win.

    Part of Tuesday's big virtualization announcement from Microsoft detailed how Microsoft and Citrix would work together in the Hyper-V and XenSource space. It turns out that Citrix will play a critical role in what Microsoft claims is their "comprehensive" management platform....
    Brian Madden on January 24, 2008 : 16 comments , 13,849 views
  • Microsoft reconsiders virtualization rules for Vista: Now you can (legally) run it in a VM, lowers VECD pricing

    It's been almost a year since Microsoft officially announced their licensing policies for using Vista in virtual machine environments. Today they made a few changes to those policies....
    Brian Madden on January 23, 2008 : 18 comments , 15,973 views
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