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  • Friday News round up: August 31, 2007

    A quick summary of the things you might have missed this week.

    Brian Madden on August 31, 2007 : 5 comments , 19,261 views
  • We're so small we don't need Citrix...oh wait. Now we do.

    Up until about a week ago, our little company that focuses almost entirely on application delivery had yet to use any application delivery products in a production capacity. That all changed when we needed to provide QuickBooks, our accounting program, to more than one person. And so far, so good. CAE packs a lot of Citrix-quality features and functionality into a tight little package that's easy to install and manage. ...
    Gabe Knuth on August 29, 2007 : 0 comments , 13,187 views
  • Are you going to VMworld 2007? Want to blog about it on

    VMworld is taking place September 11-13 in San Francisco. If you're going, would you like to blog about what you're seeing and hearing for

    Brian Madden on August 29, 2007 : 8 comments , 13,055 views
  • A short guide to virtualizing Presentation and Terminal servers on VMware ESX 3

    Many people would love to virtualize at least part of their Citrix or Terminal Server farms, but so far the performance just hasn’t been up to par (or close enough to make it worthwhile). In this article, René gives you several tips on optimizing your Citrix or Terminal servers for use on virtualized hardware.

    Gabe Knuth on August 27, 2007 : 35 comments , 80,138 views
  • You've heard of Hardware Virtualization and Application Virtualization. Let's look at OS Virtualization.

    OS-level virtualization in products like Virtuozzo offers a different take on virtualization than VMware, Xen, Viridian, or SoftGrid. How is OS virtualization different, and is this something that we should be thinking about?

    Brian Madden on August 27, 2007 : 33 comments , 22,186 views
  • George W. Bush on Citrix iForum Edinburgh

    At Citrix iForum 2007 in Edinburgh George W. Bush was one of the speakers. Always great to hear this inspiring man speaking..
    Ruben Spruijt on August 26, 2007 : 0 comments , 12,049 views
  • Free DEFSET GUI manages default printer settings in Citrix and Terminal Server environments

    DEFSET is a standalone Windows GUI tool designed to manage default printer selections on a per user basis. This tool is suited to users accessing a Terminal Server/ Citrix session and is designed to retain a user's default printer choice. DEFSET allows the user to change their default printer during program execution, and writes this information to an ini file located in the users individual windows directory. This information is then used to remember the selected the default printer for later sessions. ...
    Brian Madden on August 24, 2007 : 2 comments , 27,692 views
  • Friday News round up: August 24, 2007

    Now that we've all had a week or so to let Citrix's half-billion dollar offer for XenSource sink in, what are people thinking and talking about?

    Brian Madden on August 23, 2007 : 7 comments , 13,964 views
  • UPDATED: 36 BriForum 2007 Amsterdam Sessions are ready to go. 9 more are on the way

    It's taken a few days longer than I originally thought, but we've just released the details for 36 of the 45 technical breakout sessions from BriForum 2007 Amsterdam at the NEMO Science Center from 8-10 October....
    Brian Madden on August 22, 2007 : 3 comments , 12,676 views
  • BriForum 2005 Videos are now posted

    A few months ago we posted (for free) all of the videos from BriForum 2006 Washington DC and BriForum 2006 Germany. We just now got all the remaining videos posted from BriForum 2005 Washington DC.

    Brian Madden on August 21, 2007 : 3 comments , 18,353 views
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