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  • Tim Mangan reports on the Microsoft Management Summit 2007

    Tim Mangan is at the Microsoft Management Summit 2007 this week in San Diego. This conference is held each year focusing on Management products from Microsoft (and others)....
    Tim Mangan on March 29, 2007 : 1 comments , 19,811 views
  • Save the date: BriForum Europe 2007 will be in Amsterdam, October 8-10

    BriForum Europe 2007 will take place Monday, October 8 through Wednesday, October 10, 2007, at the NEMO Science Center in Amsterdam....
    Brian Madden on March 29, 2007 : 5 comments , 18,192 views
  • DeNamik releases the free LoadGen 1.1

    Daniel Nikolic has just released version 1.1 of his LoadGen tool. This tool is completely free for simulating loads of up to 150 users per server. The idea behind LoadGen is that it is a dirt-simple tool that can run and manage user simulation scripts against Citrix, Provision Networks, or Terminal Server server-based computing environments. ...
    Brian Madden on March 28, 2007 : 5 comments , 24,424 views
  • Idokorro releases Citrix ICA client for Blackberry

    Idokorro announced today that they have released a Citrix ICA client for Blackberry handheld devices. A lot of people have been looking for this for years....
    Brian Madden on March 27, 2007 : 15 comments , 37,032 views
  • SBC + VDI + Streaming = A full application delivery solution

    I recently wrote a paper about VDI and when it can be used versus when server-based computing can be used. I think the paper was generally well received, but based on some of the comments it's clear that I didn't do a good enough job articulating how SBC and VDI relate to each other and how they can be combined....
    Brian Madden on March 25, 2007 : 13 comments , 25,997 views
  • Brian goes virtual

    I don't mean "virtual" as in "virtual machine." I mean "virtual" as in "virtual life." I've just sold everything I own, including my house, and I will now be traveling the world full time with no permanent home. How long will this last? Who knows?...
    Brian Madden on March 21, 2007 : 21 comments , 14,053 views
  • New Old News: Citrix has a Vista CAG Client

    I was browsing around Citrix's site looking for an ICA client for my new Vista machine, and in the process found the beta version of the Citrix Access Gateway client for Windows Vista. One Vista problem down, so many to go......
    Gabe Knuth on March 19, 2007 : 5 comments , 16,649 views
  • When to use VDI, when to use server-based computing, and how the Citrix Ardence dynamic desktop fits into all this

    Server-based computing technology works well for many applications, but not for some that are too complex or too resource intensive. VDI, or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, can solve a lot of these problems, but it also introduces its own challenges. (For example, how can you store and manage all those disk image files?) Late last year, Citrix bought OS streaming vendor Ardence. They then asked me to write a paper for them that sorts out where VDI can be used, where SBC should be used, and how the Citrix Ardence dynamic desktop fits into all this.

    Brian Madden on March 14, 2007 : 22 comments , 67,184 views
  • We're off to the MVP Summit in Redmond!

    This week is Microsoft's somewhat-annual MVP Global Conference, where something like 2000 MVPs converge on Redmond for four days of some seriously geeky meetings. I'm sitting in the airport in Washington DC with Benny Tritsch, and most of the 19 world-wide Terminal Server MVPs will be there....
    Brian Madden on March 12, 2007 : 1 comments , 12,582 views
  • What new features should Microsoft add to Terminal Services?

    The annual Microsoft MVP conference will take place next week in Redmond. As part of the three-day event, the Terminal Server product group have asked us, the MPVs, to give a presentation to them about what features the community wants them to add to Terminal Services, and which Longhorn TS features they are most excited about. Here's your chance to help shape the future of TS!...
    Brian Madden on March 07, 2007 : 28 comments , 18,234 views
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