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  • BriForum Agenda is just about done

    Gabe writes about his experience trying to put together the agenda for BriForum....
    Gabe Knuth on February 25, 2007 : 1 comments , 13,323 views
  • BriForum 2007 is two months away! Which of the 65 breakout sessions will you attend?

    BriForum 2007 is exactly two months away. We've posted a survey with a list of all 65 breakout sessions. Please help us schedule them by letting us know which ones you're most interested in....
    Brian Madden on February 23, 2007 : 2 comments , 12,634 views
  • Updated: Lanmanserver and Lanmanworkstation Tuning

    Due to the feedback that received on this article from readers, my colleagues, and Microsoft, I felt it was time to update it to try to provide more of a best practices guide to implementing LanManServer Tuning. The major update is in the Tuning section where I explain how "overtuning" can introduce other performance problems. I've also modified the .adm templates that, when applied, help prevent the file server from running out of NonPaged Pool....
    Guest Bloggers on February 19, 2007 : 38 comments , 113,635 views
  • How to use hot-pluggable client USB storage devices with Citrix Presentation Server

    Terminal Server's RDP protocol has long supported the dynamic creation of client drive mappings as users insert or remove USB storage devices on their clients. Unfortunately, Citrix Presentation Server and their ICA protocol have lagged behind and do not support this feature. However, Dennis Damen did some digging and found a pretty novel solution to this problem....
    Guest Bloggers on February 14, 2007 : 13 comments , 35,135 views
  • Citrix Presentation Server 4.5 packaging, pricing, and release details

    Citrix has made several announcements about the upcoming 4.5 release of Presentation Server. I've read through the press releases, PowerPoints, partner documents, and talked to several people. This article highlights the important facts....
    Brian Madden on February 12, 2007 : 45 comments , 36,288 views
  • First Look at the BriForum 2007 Location

    I spent the last few days in Chicago scoping out the new venue for BriForum 2007. One word: sweet! (wait - one more word: cold!)...
    Gabe Knuth on February 06, 2007 : 9 comments , 14,288 views
  • TS CAL token storage on client devices with no local storage

    By now everyone knows that a Terminal Server CAL token is stored on a client device after that client connects to a terminal server. But how does this work in situations where the client device doesn't have any local storage capabilities? How do Microsoft and Citrix work around this? And what about the Linux and open source clients?...
    Brian Madden on February 06, 2007 : 16 comments , 33,703 views