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  • Where is all this Virtualization going? Part Two (a year later)

    It's been over a year since Ron Oglesby wrote about where he sees this "virtualization thing" going. It turns out that some of his crazy ideas are coming true. So what does he think now?...
    Brian Madden on October 31, 2007 : 20 comments , 19,206 views
  • XenDesktop Tech Preview delayed until early November

    The long-awaited (not really) release of the Citrix XenDesktop Tech Preview that was originally slated for October 29th has been delayed until the early part of November. Whoops....
    Gabe Knuth on October 30, 2007 : 31 comments , 56,700 views
  • Is is time for VMware to enter the terminal server / application virtualization market?

    In an instant, Citrix went from viewing VMware as a strategic partner to viewing them as Enemy #1. Where does that leave VMware? What if VMware fought back and entered the application virtualization space?...
    Brian Madden on October 29, 2007 : 34 comments , 19,670 views
  • Citrix to VMware: "Don't let the door hit you on the way out!"

    Now that Citrix bought XenSource, they officially compete against VMware. Despite being partners in the past, the two companies are now pretending the other doesn't exist....
    Brian Madden on October 26, 2007 : 30 comments , 21,532 views
  • Virtualized Applications running on XP embedded, is that legal or not?

    Several ThinClient (TC) manufacturers are talking (loudly) about the possibility to use the XPe (embedded) client platform to run windows applications on that devices. I spend some time in talking to those manufacturers and Microsoft folks. It seems that some TC vendors don't tell the complete story.. ...
    Ruben Spruijt on October 24, 2007 : 7 comments , 15,611 views
  • Live from IFORUM now App Delivery Expo.

    I am also out at the Citrix show. Here are some thoughts mid-day on Tuesday....
    Tim Mangan on October 23, 2007 : 9 comments , 14,312 views
  • Keynote notes from iForum 07 - The Application Delivery Expo

    We're here at iForum 07 - The Application Delivery Expo, and we just got done with the opening keynote by Mark Templeton. Here's the interesting stuff we heard:...
    Gabe Knuth on October 23, 2007 : 9 comments , 17,992 views
  • Citrix evolves "Desktop Server" to "XenDesktop"

    Today Citrix announced a new product called "XenDesktop" that will be a combination of Citrix Desktop Server, XenServer, and Citrix Provisioning Server (formerly Ardence)....
    Brian Madden on October 23, 2007 : 3 comments , 21,130 views
  • Citrix ICA client feature matrix

    Did you know that Citrix has a PDF that lists (in a very detailed way) all of the features of all of their different clients. According to Citrix's Al Grandville, this chart is kept up-to-date, and is always available at
    Brian Madden on October 22, 2007 : 6 comments , 19,261 views
  • Citrix iForum US: Moving from October to May?

    There's a rumor coming from the folks in Ft. Lauderdale that Citrix will move their global iForum event to May of each year instead of October....
    Brian Madden on October 19, 2007 : 4 comments , 17,375 views
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