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  • Citrix honors enteo. How long will it last?

    At the Citrix Summit 07, Citrix announced that enteo Software was their Solution Partner of the Year for 2006. enteo makes software for server imaging and application deployment. However, with Citrix's recent Ardence acquisition and the upcoming Tarpon Streaming Server, Citrix also makes software for server imaging and application deployment. This should be interesting....
    Brian Madden on January 31, 2007 : 13 comments , 15,859 views
  • Tim Mangan reports from Citrix Summit 07

    Citrix Summit is the annual conference Citrix holds for its channel and technology partners each January. Tim is attending this week and has written this synopsis of what he's seen....
    Tim Mangan on January 30, 2007 : 9 comments , 13,919 views
  • Symantec plans by buy Altiris. Will this affect Citrix?

    Yesterday Symantec announced that they were buying Altiris. I was just thinking about how a company like Symantec might possibly compete with Citrix in the future, and now I think so even more. What will this deal mean to us in the application delivery industry?...
    Brian Madden on January 30, 2007 : 11 comments , 15,732 views
  • Are thin client devices still relevant in a world of $300 Dell PCs?

    Now that fat client PCs are so cheap and manageable, is there a future for thin client devices? In this editorial, Michel Roth explores this issues by looking at the "traditional" advantages of thin client devices and whether those still apply in today's world of $300 Dell PCs....
    Guest Bloggers on January 26, 2007 : 50 comments , 31,759 views
  • A transcript is available for the Brad Pedersen podcast. Should we do more?

    As our Brian Madden Live! podcasts have gotten more frequent and more interesting, we've been exploring the idea of putting together transcripts of each show....
    Brian Madden on January 24, 2007 : 4 comments , 12,776 views
  • Video tour of the new features of Citrix Presentation Server 4.5

    As a follow up to my two previous articles this week about Citrix Presentation Server 4.5, I recorded a quick video tour through the new management console. ...
    Brian Madden on January 17, 2007 : 4 comments , 15,191 views
  • A rundown of the new features that matter in Citrix Presentation Server 4.5

    Citrix Presentation Server 4.5 (previously codenamed Project Ohio) will be released soon. In this article, I'll describe its new features....
    Brian Madden on January 16, 2007 : 20 comments , 20,301 views
  • The realities of the new admin interface in Citrix Presentation Server 4.5

    Citrix Presentation Server 4.5 will be released soon. While it has some cool new features, the first thing most people will notice is that you have to use two different admin consoles to do your job, and there is no rhyme or reason as to what's configured where....
    Brian Madden on January 15, 2007 : 8 comments , 17,916 views
  • Announcing the BriForum Geek Out: A technical game show for geeks

    BriForum 2007 will mark the debut of The BriForum Geek Out, a retro-style, very kitsch game show where we'll find three contestants in the audience to play for a chance to win $599 cash and an all-expenses paid trip to BriForum 2008....
    Brian Madden on January 11, 2007 : 1 comments , 13,766 views
  • Announcing the Community News Aggregator

    We've just created a new community news aggregator that automatically collects and displays all of the content from the various sites in the application delivery industry. This news site is simple, fast, and completely automated....
    Brian Madden on January 10, 2007 : 9 comments , 12,782 views
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