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  • Where is all this virtualization going?

    A lot of vendors have been talking about the future of virtualization. Ron Oglesby is not impressed. In this editorial, he paints a picture for how he sees virtualization in the next 2-3 years. The impact or the changes that he suggests could be as major as virtualization itself....
    Ron Oglesby on August 27, 2006 : 51 comments , 26,819 views
  • Citrix Printing: Brush up on the basic best practices

    Everyone who's been around Citrix for awhile knows that printing has always been a challenge. We've all been reading about tips and tricks over the years, but it's easy to forget the basics. In this article, Kevin Buchaniec walks through the best practices of configuring printing in a Citrix Presentation Server environment. This article is refreshing if you're a seasoned admin, and vital if you're a beginner!...
    Guest Bloggers on August 22, 2006 : 47 comments , 127,209 views
  • BriForum Europe Presenters and Sessions Announced

    BriForum Europe is less than two months away. We're happy to announce the speakers and topics for the 35 technical sessions. This is the first BriForum where we opening the speaking opportunity to the community, inviting anyone and everyone to submit topics. The result is this very diverse, technical, and fresh set of topics....
    Brian Madden on August 17, 2006 : 12 comments , 13,214 views
  • BriForum 2006 Video: Ron Oglesby on the feasibility of running Citrix in a VM

    Since this whole Citrix + VMware and VDI thing is a hot topic right now, I thought it would be a good time to look at one of Ron Oglesby's sessions from BriForum 2006 this past spring. This session was based on Ron's real-world testing and some serious number crunching he did earlier this year....
    Brian Madden on August 15, 2006 : 27 comments , 25,887 views
  • Microsoft reduces Softricity Licensing pricing by almost 85%

    Microsoft's acquisition of Softricity is now complete and there are some major changes to the licensing for SoftGrid. In a LiveMeeting Monday, Microsoft identified some key changes--some that are already in place and others that are coming. In this article, Michael Burke looks at the changes what they mean to the industry....
    Guest Bloggers on August 08, 2006 : 71 comments , 38,726 views
  • Citrix plans to enter VDI space: An analysis of their solution

    In this article, Ron Oglesby talks about Citrix's upcoming Remote Desktop Broker product, their entry into the VDI space. While this product will only provide a stopgap solution, it will be useful in many scenarios....
    Ron Oglesby on August 03, 2006 : 39 comments , 24,554 views
  • More Longhorn Terminal Server details uncovered in yesterday's product group chat

    As many of you know, the Microsoft Terminal Server Product Team hosted a live chat yesterday. There were a lot of great questions and it was a great opportunity to interact directly with the Terminal Server group. In this article, Katie Koepke highlights what we learned and some surprising features that might not make the cut!...
    Guest Bloggers on August 02, 2006 : 5 comments , 17,971 views
  • Reminder: Chat with the Microsoft Terminal Server Product Team is today!

    The Microsoft Terminal Server product team will host a live chat next Tuesday. This will be the first chat they've had since the TS Longhorn features have been made public, so they will be able to talk about a lot more stuff than last time. If this chat is anything like the last one, it will be time well spent....
    Brian Madden on August 01, 2006 : 8 comments , 12,643 views