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  • Citrix's Marketing Message: Evolving from 'Access' to 'Application Delivery?'

    In the Thought Leadership editorial I wrote last week, I criticized Citrix's 'Access' marketing message without offering any alternate suggestions. In this editorial, I make the case for why I think Citrix should switch the marketing message from 'Access' to 'Application Delivery.'...
    Brian Madden on July 31, 2006 : 32 comments , 15,184 views
  • Enhance Web Interface Security with a Virtual Keyboard Login

    Yuri Haak has just released a "virtual keyboard login" to enhance the security of Web Interface 4.2. A virtual keyboard login is an application that displays an image of a keyboard on your screen. You then "press" the keys by clicking on them with your mouse instead of typing the actual keys....
    Brian Madden on July 30, 2006 : 24 comments , 18,797 views
  • Printing to Unsupported Client Printers with a free PDF Creator

    Chris Cairns sent me an email a while back with a novel printing fix / workaround for printing to unsupported printers. It's an open source project called PDFCreator. All of the configuration is done on the client's computer, including the ability to save directly to a file without prompting the user and then to automatically print that saved file to a printer.

    Brian Madden on July 30, 2006 : 7 comments , 19,449 views
  • MFCOM Script: Publish Applications via Windows Explorer 'Send To' Menu

    Andrew Wood has just created this cool script that lets you publish applications on your Presentation Server via the "Send To" right-click menu in Windows Explorer....
    Brian Madden on July 30, 2006 : 4 comments , 16,957 views
  • MFCOM Script: List number of users for each published application

    Jeff Durbin has written a pretty cool VBS script that calculates how many unique users have access to each published application in a farm, as well as how many unique users have access to the farm as a whole. It then dumps all of this data to an Excel spreadsheet....
    Brian Madden on July 30, 2006 : 14 comments , 22,898 views
  • BriForum Europe Session Submissions due Monday

    BriForum Europe 2006 is quickly approaching. I want to remind anyone who wants to speak that you needs to get your submissions into us by Monday (July 31). We'll notify all of the speakers which sessions were accepted on August 15. The conference itself takes place from October 4-6, 2006, at the Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics in Darmstadt, Germany....
    Brian Madden on July 25, 2006 : 0 comments , 11,144 views
  • Perspectives on 'Thought Leadership' from... (Sssh! - a Citrite!)

    In this editorial, Rick Dehlinger comments on Brian's Thought Leadership article and shares his own views about Citrix's position in the industry. As a six-year Citrite (Citrix Employee), Rick's perspective is worth reading.

    Guest Bloggers on July 21, 2006 : 24 comments , 13,457 views
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDI): What's real today, what's not, and what's needed

    The concept of the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) has become trendy in the past few months. In this article, Ron Oglesby looks at what can realistically be done today, and what we need from vendors to make this a real solution moving forward. He also explorers the parallels between VDI and server-based computing....
    Ron Oglesby on July 20, 2006 : 52 comments , 66,581 views
  • Can Citrix become a Thought Leader again?

    Something has changed at Citrix over the past few years. They've gone from a company with a laser focus on the cutting edge of peoples' thinking to a huge company with a muddy message, a severe case of corporate schizophrenia, and a dash paranoia. What does this mean for us, and is there any chance of Citrix changing?

    Brian Madden on July 19, 2006 : 56 comments , 16,873 views
  • Citrix launches the Citrix Technology Professional program, their version of the Microsoft MVP

    Last week Citrix officially launched the Citrix Technology Professional (CTP) program. In doing so, Citrix is formalizing their relationship with several technical people whose names are well known in the community. Many of the eleven CTP members went to Ft. Lauderdale to talk to the product groups last week....
    Brian Madden on July 17, 2006 : 21 comments , 22,840 views
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