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  • An in-depth review of DeNamiK's free LoadGen stress test utility

    At BriForum 2006 DeNamiK, a new company based in The Netherlands, announced that they were working on a new product aimed at Load/Stress testing Citrix Servers. The product, called DeNamiK LoadGen, is in a beta testing phase now and Tim Mangan has had the opportunity to take a fairly deep look at it--resulting in this full-fledged White Paper....
    Tim Mangan on May 24, 2006 : 6 comments , 20,316 views
  • Microsoft Plans to Acquire Softricity. What does this mean to Citrix?

    At the WinHEC conference yesterday, Microsoft announced that they are planning to acquire Softricity. The press release was light on details, so I spoke to people from Microsoft and Citrix about this announcement. In this article, we'll look at what's included in the deal and what this means to the industry....
    Brian Madden on May 23, 2006 : 52 comments , 16,048 views
  • Microsoft buys SSL-VPN Vendor Whale Communications. What does this mean to Citrix?

    A few days ago, Microsoft announced that they were buying an SSL-VPN vendor called Whale Communications. Having spent a few days thinking about this deal, I'd like to share some thoughts about what this deal means to Citrix and the server-based computing industry....
    Brian Madden on May 22, 2006 : 9 comments , 15,302 views
  • BriForum 2006 Sample Video: Rick Mack details an application toolkit for Terminal Services

    In this session from BriForum 2006, Rick Mack shows many of the free or inexpensive tools that are available for coping with painful applications in a multi-user environment. This video is provided as a sample of the type of content we have on the BriForum 2006 DVD set....
    Brian Madden on May 15, 2006 : 3 comments , 13,933 views
  • Citrix buys Application Performance Management vendor Reflectent. Is this a YAM?

    Today Citrix announced that they've bought Reflectent. In this article I'll talk about how Application Performance Monitoring tools differ from traditional tools like Citrix Resource Manager, who Reflectent is and how their products work, and what this means to Citrix and you....
    Brian Madden on May 08, 2006 : 22 comments , 13,863 views