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  • 2006 year in review

    2006 was a big year for our industry. In this blog entry, I look at the big events of the year, as well as some fun stats about our website and our company....
    Brian Madden on December 29, 2006 : 6 comments , 13,166 views
  • Citrix buys Ardence!

    Citrix just announced that they're buying Ardence, a software company that makes OS Streaming software. This will add some seriously cool capabilities to Citrix's product portfolio, including the ability to instantly update and re-provision servers, as well as the ability to provision desktop images for VDI environments....
    Brian Madden on December 20, 2006 : 18 comments , 18,936 views
  • Search the websites of the entire Application Delivery community from

    Now that Google has introduced the capability to create custom search engines that search a specific list of websites, we have enhanced the functionality of the search engine on so that users have the option of searching the websites of the entire application delivery community instead of just limiting their searches to
    Brian Madden on December 19, 2006 : 13 comments , 14,530 views
  • What a Citrix / Terminal Server admin can and can't do with a Mac

    I recently switched to a Mac after 15 years of Windows. The nature of my job means that I need to be able to connect to ICA and RDP sessions regularly and generally use the stuff that I write about. But what works on a Mac and what doesn't? If you're an admin thinking about switching, is it possible to do this and still keep your job?...
    Brian Madden on December 19, 2006 : 12 comments , 17,774 views
  • How to record a technical demonstration video

    Yesterday I wrote that Citrix had posted several technical demo videos to their site that were created by various community members. In this article, I explain how we made these videos in case you want to record any of your own. And if you do, send them our way and we'll post them!...
    Brian Madden on December 11, 2006 : 8 comments , 15,559 views
  • Citrix Technical Videos site launches with how-to videos for Presentation Server

    Citrix has just launched a Tech Video site that contains how-to videos and explain how many aspects of Presentation Server work. There are currently seven videos that total almost five hours in length covering many topics like printing, SpeedScreen, policies, and licensing. More videos will continue to be added to the site until it becomes a complete video admin guide....
    Brian Madden on December 10, 2006 : 13 comments , 16,396 views
  • I'm interviewing several folks from Citrix. What should I ask them?

    I'm heading to Ft. Lauderdale tomorrow to record interviews with several different folks at Citrix. Who should I talk to and what should I ask them?...
    Brian Madden on December 10, 2006 : 19 comments , 14,443 views
  • Free script parses event logs and compiles client printer autocreation errors

    Robert Iutzwig has created a script that connects to your servers one-by-one and scans their application logs searching for 1103, 1104, 1106, and 1107 printer autocreation errors. It then outputs this list of printer drivers to a text file....
    Brian Madden on December 05, 2006 : 10 comments , 19,180 views
  • Microsoft Exchange team develops serious case of Logo Envy

    Have you seen the new Exchange 2007 logo? It's almost exactly like our Brian Madden logo! D'oh!...
    Brian Madden on December 01, 2006 : 12 comments , 18,716 views