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  • How should Citrix integrate VoIP with Presentation Server?

    People have been talking about integrating VoIP softphone software with Citrix Presentation Server for years. Citrix Presentation Server product manager Orestes Melgarejo has written a blog entry that talks about the Presentation Server VoIP question and presents three different ways that Citrix could integrate these two technologies....
    Brian Madden on November 30, 2006 : 7 comments , 18,557 views
  • Reminder: BriForum 2007 Sessions Due Friday!

    2007 is just around the corner, and so is BriForum (April 23-25 in Chicago). As we wrote previously, we will again be accepting session submissions from the community. If you would like to present a breakout session, please send us your ideas. If we choose your session then we'll give you a free pass to BriForum and pay for all of your travel and hotel expenses....
    Brian Madden on November 29, 2006 : 3 comments , 11,651 views
  • Share your opinions about our upcoming Citrix book

    I'm working on a brand-new book for Citrix Presentation Server 4.5. As I get into it, however, I'm starting to wonder whether I should split the content into two books: one that focuses on design and architecture (like the previous books), and one that focuses on day-to-day operations. What are your thoughts?...
    Brian Madden on November 21, 2006 : 34 comments , 13,681 views
  • Get ready for ICA connections to Windows XP / Vista desktops

    Citrix Engineer Jeff Muir recently wrote about a research project at Citrix called PortICA. PortICA's goal is to add an ICA protocol interface for Windows XP and Vista workstation products. This will form a key piece of technology needed to support Citrix's Project Trinity VDI solution....
    Brian Madden on November 17, 2006 : 8 comments , 14,992 views
  • Citrix scalability problems at Kaiser Permanente? What's really going on?

    An article in Computerworld this week claims that Kaiser Permanente, Citrix's largest Presentation Server implementation, is having major problems with Citrix. This has made some people nervous about using Citrix, but I'm not concerned about it....
    Brian Madden on November 15, 2006 : 28 comments , 18,292 views
  • Application Publishing: Comparing Longhorn Terminal Services to Citrix Presentation Server

    It's now common knowledge that one of the biggest new features of Terminal Services in Windows Longhorn Server is the ability to publish applications. But how does publishing applications in Longhorn compare to publishing applications in Citrix Presentation Server? In this article, Katie Koepke compares the two head-to-head....
    Guest Bloggers on November 14, 2006 : 28 comments , 30,931 views
  • Finally! 2-user testing Presentation Server licenses are available for download by anyone

    Citrix has just made a 2-user developer license for Presentation Server available for anyone to download for free from MyCitrix. This is a good move on their behalf, as previously the only way to play with Presentation Server was to call a reseller to get a license that would expire every 90 days....
    Brian Madden on November 13, 2006 : 10 comments , 15,179 views
  • Citrix Yahoo! Widget now available on CDN

    Citrix has posted a Yahoo! Widget to the Citrix Developer Network. You can use this widget to access Citrix applications from your desktop through the familiar Yahoo! Widget interface....
    Brian Madden on November 09, 2006 : 4 comments , 13,548 views
  • Check out our BriForum 2007 Magazine Ad

    Last week I wrote that we scored some ad space in the print edition of the upcoming Windows IT Pro magazine. We worked over the weekend to put an ad together, and now we can show the results of our first ever print ad!...
    Brian Madden on November 09, 2006 : 9 comments , 15,047 views
  • Help us design a full-page magazine ad for BriForum

    Now that our BriForum 2007 plans are moving ahead full steam, we're starting to think about advertising. We have traditionally only advertised BriForum online, but this year we're going to try to reach out to others who may not be familiar with To that end, we're taking out a full-page ad in the printed edition of Windows IT Pro magazine....
    Brian Madden on November 02, 2006 : 3 comments , 13,547 views
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