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  • What's the value of Citrix Subscription Advantage?

    Since Citrix did not announce the release of Presentation Server 4.5 at iForum this week, a lot of people are questioning the value of Subscription Advantage. What benefits do you get if you buy it, and is it worth it?...
    Brian Madden on October 25, 2006 : 26 comments , 22,684 views
  • Quick Impressions from Citrix iForum 2006

    Citrix iForum is going on now in Orlando, Florida. In this blog entry, Tim Mangan shares his impressions of the first day of the show....
    Tim Mangan on October 23, 2006 : 13 comments , 12,989 views
  • Save the Date: BriForum 2007 will be April 23-25, in Chicago

    BriForum 2007 will take place Monday, April 23 through Wednesday, April 25, 2007, at The Gleacher Center in Chicago. We're working on getting the website up right now, but we wanted to get this information out there since lots of people have been emailing and asking about it....
    Brian Madden on October 18, 2006 : 5 comments , 12,599 views
  • Citrix Employee Blogging Takes Off

    First we asked for it. Then Mark Templeton responded and a few Citrix employees started blogging on their own. Now there is an officially sanctioned site called that holds the blogs and opinions of Citrix employees....
    Brian Madden on October 11, 2006 : 2 comments , 12,564 views
  • The Excruciating Detail of the Citrix Logoff Process

    Several months ago, Kevin Goodman and I created a huge wall chart that detailed all of the steps in the Citrix Presentation Server logon process. Due to popular demand, we've just created a similar chart for the Citrix Presentation Server Logoff Process....
    Brian Madden on October 09, 2006 : 9 comments , 31,871 views
  • BriForum Europe 2006 is going on now!

    BriForum Europe is going on now in Darmstadt, Germany. Follow the action live at The attendees have begun blogging, and we're posting photos to Flickr as they're being taken. We'll also be recording some Brian Madden Live podcasts over the next three days....
    Brian Madden on October 04, 2006 : 0 comments , 11,310 views