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  • Graphing Citrix Session use with open source tools

    In this article, John Ferrel will show you how he used Python, Perl, and MRTG to create a script that builds a graph of active session usage on his Citrix server throughout the day. This is done without using the enterprise version of Citrix....
    Guest Bloggers on January 31, 2006 : 51 comments , 21,011 views
  • BriForum 2006 will have over 60 breakout sessions! Help us schedule them.

    We've been working really hard on the technical session topics for BriForum, and now ready to put together the schedule. We're hoping you can take a few minutes and complete a survey that indicates which sessions you'd like to attend....
    Brian Madden on January 23, 2006 : 0 comments , 10,814 views
  • Jeroen van de Kamp releases the Flex Profile Kit version 5

    The free Flex Profile Kit is in use throughout the world as an alternative to standard roaming profiles in Terminal Server and Citrix environments. (You get the speed of local profiles with the flexibility of roaming profiles.) Jeroen van de Kamp just released version 5 of the kit....
    Brian Madden on January 23, 2006 : 4 comments , 30,949 views
  • Why you should care about Windows 2003 R2 Active Directory Federation Services

    By now you're well aware that the R2 release of Windows Server 2003 doesn't add any new Terminal Server-specific capability. However, that doesn't mean that we can completely ignore it. In this article, Tim Mangan talks about a new component called "Active Directory Federation Services" and how it will affect us in the server-based computing world.

    Tim Mangan on January 23, 2006 : 1 comments , 13,328 views
  • BriForum 2005 Video: Fabrice Cornet discusses antivirus software in Citrix and Terminal Server

    In this session from BriForum 2005, Fabrice Cornet looks at what vendors really mean when they say that their software is terminal server compatible. He also talks about how ou can install and configure AV software in Terminal Server environments.

    Guest Bloggers on January 08, 2006 : 0 comments , 12,669 views
  • Microsoft White Paper: 64-bit Terminal Services Scaling and Performance

    Microsoft just released a white paper that details their lab test results for scalability of Terminal Server running on 64-bit Windows Server 2003. The paper also details how you can perform similar tests in your environment....
    Brian Madden on January 04, 2006 : 18 comments , 26,482 views
  • Six helpful things you might have missed in 2005

    There are a lot of great little gems on the web that have been on my list for some time that I haven't ever gotten around to writing about. So I'd like to take this opportunity to clean house a bit and share with you some of the best things you might have missed in 2005....
    Brian Madden on January 03, 2006 : 1 comments , 11,957 views