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  • Choosing the right thin client device: Linux, Windows, and the Software that Manages them

    Even if you decide to go with thin client devices, the decisions about which thin client device you should use is almost as complex as your server architecture... Throw in the management software choices and you certainly have your work cut out for you!...
    Brian Madden on September 30, 2005 : 4 comments , 15,381 views
  • What if Citrix dropped ICA and just went with RDP?

    I've been thinking a lot about Longhorn Terminal Services and the future of Citrix recently, and I found myself wondering what would happen if Citrix stopped working on ICA and just went with RDP....
    Brian Madden on September 28, 2005 : 52 comments , 19,910 views
  • Microsoft's Complete Longhorn Terminal Server Feature List

    A lot of information about the new features of Terminal Server in Longhorn has come out over the past few weeks. In this article, I've collected, organized, and commented on all the new stuff....
    Brian Madden on September 27, 2005 : 26 comments , 26,905 views
  • Transcript: Chat with Microsoft Execs about the Future of Terminal Server

    Three Microsoft executives participated in an online chat to discuss Terminal Server September 21, 2005. The transcript is now available....
    Brian Madden on September 22, 2005 : 95 comments , 33,728 views
  • Microsoft Windows Fundamentals will convert a legacy PC to a thin client in March 2006

    Microsoft just officially announced Windows Fundamentals (previously codenamed Eiger), a stipped-down version of Windows that will convert a legacy PC into a Windows-based thin client device. The price? Free. (If you already have a Windows XP license and Software Assurance.)...
    Brian Madden on September 22, 2005 : 20 comments , 29,659 views
  • Channel 9 Video reveals new Longhorn Terminal Server features

    Yesterday Channel 9 (the MSDN video blog) released an hour-long video of interviews with different members of Microsoft's Terminal Server product group. This video contained demos of some of the new TS features of Longhorn and provided some insight to how RDP works under the hood....
    Brian Madden on September 21, 2005 : 16 comments , 15,134 views
  • Do you have job openings for Citrix nerds? List your jobs on the Job Board

    Are you looking for a new Citrix- or Terminal Server-related job? Are you an employer who's looking to fill some positions? Meet each other at the Job Board....
    Brian Madden on September 21, 2005 : 1 comments , 12,299 views
  • What's going on with [New Moon / Tarantella / Sun / Propalms] Secure Global Desktop?

    Remember New Moon? First Tarantella bought them, then Sun bought Tarantella, and now Sun licensed the old New Moon stuff to a previously-unheard of company called Propalms. So what's going on exactly and where can we find this product?...
    Brian Madden on September 20, 2005 : 8 comments , 17,134 views
  • Do you need Citrix or is Terminal Server enough?

    This question is as old as Terminal Server itself. This editorial looks at the real factors that you should base your decision on. Surprise! It's not ICA vs. RDP or the number of users you have....
    Brian Madden on September 20, 2005 : 68 comments , 150,384 views
  • 60-second review: Teknica Software's iShadow

    Teknica Software's iShadow tool provides a single point of administration for both Citrix and Terminal Servers. You can use it to easily build custom consoles for non-admins to do administrative-type functions....
    Guest Bloggers on September 18, 2005 : 4 comments , 16,344 views
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