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  • Ilja Godau Releases Tool to Automatically Document your Citrix PS4 Environments

    A Danish Citrix consultant named Ilja Godau has created a tool that can automatically document all the settings of Citrix servers in a PS4 farm. Just double-click the EXE on a PS4 server and it will create HTML pages that show all the servers' settings....
    Guest Bloggers on July 26, 2005 : 35 comments , 45,768 views
  • Understanding and Using NTFS Permissions on Citrix and Terminal Servers

    In a follow-up to last week's article on permissions compatibility, Jeff Pitsch wrote this article to discuss how NTFS permissions function on Terminal Servers and how you can configure them to prevent users from installing applications, spyware, or viruses....
    Guest Bloggers on July 18, 2005 : 13 comments , 20,826 views
  • Understanding Terminal Server's Permissions Compatibility Options

    Terminal Server Permissions Compatiblity settings have been around for five years, but most people don't know how they actually work and what kind of impact they can have on your environment. In this article, Jeff Pitsch, TS security expert and editor of, explores what we need to know about TS permission compatibility....
    Guest Bloggers on July 13, 2005 : 17 comments , 31,272 views
  • Submit your questions for Citrix Access Essentials: the SMB version of Presentation Server

    What are your biggest questions about Citrix Access Essentials (CAE), the small business server version of Presentation Server? I'll be talking to CAE product manager Paul Burke next week, and I'll get answers to your questions.

    Brian Madden on July 08, 2005 : 32 comments , 13,309 views
  • Tim Mangan releases free Perceived Performance Toolkit for Citrix Servers

    In a follow-up to his BriForum 2005 presentation, Tim Mangan has written a Perceived Performance Toolkit that lets you test and graph the a Performance Profile for a Citrix server. This profile illustrates how the performance of the server degrades as load is added to the users and it shows the likelihood that a user will experience a delay for a given task on a Citrix server....
    Brian Madden on July 06, 2005 : 3 comments , 12,757 views