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  • visionapp Releases free Terminal Server connection management tool

    visionapp has just released a tool for administrators who have to connect to many different Terminal Servers. The tool, called visionapp Remote Desktop (vRD), is available as freeware from their website....
    Brian Madden on June 28, 2005 : 21 comments , 16,389 views
  • Citrix iForum 2005 Northern Europe News Round-up

    As many of you know, I spent last week at Citrix's iForum conference in Edinburgh, Scotland. Anyway, the agenda for this show looked really boring, but it actually turned out to be a really good two days and I'm really glad I went....
    Brian Madden on June 14, 2005 : 11 comments , 11,623 views
  • BriForum 2005 DVDs are now available

    The 2-disc BriForum 2005 DVD set is now available. The set includes high-resolution videos of all 36 sessions (over 32 hours of video), plus MP3s, all the PowerPoint files, supporting white papers, and hundreds of photographs. This is literally everything you need to fully experience being at BriForum.

    Brian Madden on June 13, 2005 : 12 comments , 10,705 views
  • Listening to the videos

    I noticed in windows media player 10 they now have a "play speed" feature. So with some of the presentation videos I'm just running them at a higher speed, such as 1.4x, and except for very fast speakers it's perfectly understandable...
    Brian Madden on June 11, 2005 : 0 comments , 8,507 views
  • Citrix plans a version of Presentation Server for Small Biz

    Citrix showed off a small business version of Presentation Server at iForum in Edinburgh, Scotland this week. The product, called Citrix AllInOne, will be a single-server install of Presentation Server, Web Interface, and Secure Gateway. It will have wizards to allow it to be configured by beginners....
    Brian Madden on June 10, 2005 : 28 comments , 13,968 views
  • Citrix shows off Presentation Server on 64-bit Windows

    Citrix engineers demonstrated a version of Presentation Server that can run on 64-bit Windows in the Tech Lab at iForum in Edinburgh, Scotland, this week....
    Brian Madden on June 09, 2005 : 5 comments , 12,447 views
  • RE: Stefans Photoset

    Yikes sure would be nice if he credited who took over half of those pictures (which I have previously posted on Jim Kenzig
    Brian Madden on June 08, 2005 : 0 comments , 9,775 views
  • Citrix to integrate Web Interface with SharePoint

    One of the most exciting things I saw at Citrix iForum Edinburgh this year was a demo of a Citrix product called WISP: Web Interface for SharePoint. This will be a web part from Citrix that will allow a SharePoint site to act as a web interface into Presentation Server farms....
    Brian Madden on June 08, 2005 : 12 comments , 23,685 views
  • Project IRIS becoming a reality, Tech Preview coming next month

    Last year Citrix announced some technology they were working on called IRIS that would allow companies to record, archive, view, and replay ICA sessions for security and audit purposes. Citrix demonstrated IRIS in their Tech Lab at iForum this week in Scotland....
    Brian Madden on June 08, 2005 : 15 comments , 13,877 views
  • Citrix iForum Northern Europe starts today, live coverage provided here

    The fourth annual Northern European iForum kicks off tonight in Edinburgh, Scotland. I'm at the event now, and I'll be blogging it live this week. I'm looking for technical information about the version 4.0 Access Suite and of course information about the NetScaler Acquistion....
    Brian Madden on June 06, 2005 : 3 comments , 10,785 views
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