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  • How to add additional language support to Citrix Web Interface 4.0

    Citrix's Web Interface 4.0 only ships with a few language options. Fortunately it's easy to add additional languages if you want to take the time to perform the translations. Ilja Godau will show you how....
    Guest Bloggers on May 31, 2005 : 25 comments , 27,247 views
  • BrainSys releases free session lockdown and profile management suite

    BrainSys has released a free Terminal Server and Citrix management suite called BrsSuite. BrsSuite is two things: (1) A database-based profile and user environment management product, and (2) a session security lockdown tool that can be used to restrict what users can run.

    Brian Madden on May 30, 2005 : 13 comments , 14,189 views
  • Happy First Birthday to the Support Forum!

    The support forum at has been online for a year now. 14,000 posts and a million visitors later, these forums are some of the strongest on the Internet....
    Brian Madden on May 25, 2005 : 5 comments , 12,562 views
  • Bink Uncovers more details about Eiger: The Windows Thin Client OS from Microsoft

    Steven Bink has uncovered more information about Eiger and Monch, upcoming thin client operating systems based on Windows that will convert traditional PCs into thin client devices....
    Brian Madden on May 25, 2005 : 1 comments , 11,877 views
  • A Summary of what I learned at PubForum Dublin 2005

    This past weekend was the fifth semi-annual PubForum organized by Dr. Conti. As always I learned a lot, and this article provides a quick review for those who couldn't make it.

    Brian Madden on May 24, 2005 : 23 comments , 13,818 views
  • Cool Pictures

    Cool Brian. I like all pics. I posted a bunch of pictures that I took at BriForum. All pictures were taken with my fun new Canon SD400 (love this camera). Enjoy!!!
    Brian Madden on May 20, 2005 : 0 comments , 8,868 views
  • Using Linux for Logging and Reporting in your Citrix Environment

    Do you need a simple way to track who and how often people are accessing your Citrix servers? If you have syslog servers in your environment, John Ferrell shows an easy way you can adopt them for use in your Citrix environment....
    Guest Bloggers on May 16, 2005 : 2 comments , 14,426 views
  • Can AIE be used for drag and drop application deployments to Citrix servers?

    Can Citrix's new Application Isolation Environment (AIE) technology be used for file copy-based application distribution to Citrix servers? Why not install an application into an isolation environment and then just copy the files and registry keys from server to server?...
    Brian Madden on May 16, 2005 : 10 comments , 14,016 views
  • Great BriForum summary / photoset at Stefan's site

    Many of you know of Stefan Vermeulen who runs . I just found at that he posted a photoset and comments from the BriForum event. There are about five pages and they are GREAT! Check them out here . Brian
    Brian Madden on May 13, 2005 : 1 comments , 8,155 views
  • Understanding Application Isolation Environments (AIE) in Citrix Presentation Server 4

    Application Isolation Environments is a new feature in Citrix Presentation Server 4 which makes it possible to install multiple instances of conflicting applications on a single server. It also lets some applications that are not normally "Terminal Server compatible" work in multi-user environments. In this article Rodney Medina takes AIE for a test drive....
    Guest Bloggers on May 12, 2005 : 47 comments , 81,220 views
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