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  • binary watch!

    Thinkgeek is selling binary watches! ---> When I saw this it reminded me of the cool binary clocks Brian so gracefully gave to us as parting gifts! The forum was really awesome! Can't wait til...
    Brian Madden on April 28, 2005 : 0 comments , 8,258 views
  • RE: HELLO???

    I emailed Brian this week about the VMware video status. Still no reply, he must be busy. Hopefully it will be up soon!
    Brian Madden on April 28, 2005 : 0 comments , 9,183 views
  • HELLO???

    It looks like users have finally stopped posting to the BLOG! Just looking to see if there is any word on the DVD's. Also, looking for the VMware ESX and Citrix presentation from Ron. -Mike Brown
    Guest Bloggers on April 27, 2005 : 0 comments , 9,266 views
  • Quick Summary of Today's Citrix Strategy Day Event

    I attended the annual Citrix Strategy Day meeting in NYC. Even though this is primarily a generic and sanitized general strategy message, I did learn a few interesting things....
    Brian Madden on April 26, 2005 : 38 comments , 11,748 views
  • Citrix Launches Access Suite v4.0, the word MetaFrame is History

    Citrix announced the version 4 of their Access Suite of products. The word MetaFrame has been removed from the names. Presentation Server and Conferencing Manager have been consolidated into a single product, as have MSAM and the Citrix Access Gateway....
    Brian Madden on April 26, 2005 : 34 comments , 12,736 views
  • How Microsoft's Windows 2003 SP1 Fallback Printer Driver Works (which now supports color!)

    Microsoft added fallback printer driver support to Service Pack 1 for Windows Server 2003. The final version also offers color printer support. This article looks at how this support works and how the system figures out which driver to use....
    Guest Bloggers on April 25, 2005 : 16 comments , 51,993 views
  • MetaFrame Version 4 Release Any Day Now

    It appears that Citrix is going to release version 4 of the MetaFrame Access Suite any day now. This will most likely happen at the Citrix Strategy Day meeting in NYC next week....
    Brian Madden on April 20, 2005 : 14 comments , 11,916 views
  • Is Citrix's version of the Microsoft MVP program dead? It's been a year with no action!

    It's been a full year since Citrix announced that they would create their own version of the Microsoft MVP program called the "CVP" program. (See " Citrix Responds, Plans to Create its own MVP Program " from April 22, 2004 and " The Cultural Differences...
    Brian Madden on April 20, 2005 : 17 comments , 12,968 views
  • Debugging and Tuning Applications on Terminal Services.wmv hangs halfway through

    Brian Madden on April 19, 2005 : 0 comments , 9,033 views
  • The VMware Session, whats the real reason

    Probably because I had beer on stage, supplied by one of the other presenters!! They are taking the time to put the little blurry circle over the beer, kinda like you see on late night commercials for Girls Gone Wild over all the good parts. Ron
    Brian Madden on April 18, 2005 : 0 comments , 7,762 views
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