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  • Finally! Free tool lets you managed multiple Program Neighborhood Agent identities

    Citrix's Program Neighborhood Agent is a great way to access MetaFrame farms. Unfortunately it can only communicate with a single environment at a time--a problem for people who travel among locations or customers. Gus Pinto has written a free PN Agent Profile Manager that streamlines this process....
    Brian Madden on March 24, 2005 : 56 comments , 20,566 views
  • 60-Second Review: WTSProfiles

    Claudio Rodrigues (www.Terminal-Services.Net) has just released two new products. One of them is a product called "WTSProfiles." This is a Terminal Server profile management product that enters a crowded market and competes with the Flex Profile Kit, triCerat's Simplify Profiles, and AppSense's Environment Manager....
    Guest Bloggers on March 24, 2005 : 6 comments , 13,708 views
  • Top 20 Misconceptions about Citrix MetaFrame and Microsoft Terminal Server

    The "three musketeers" of the Citrix support forum (Stefan, Jeff, and Thomas) have compiled this list of the 20 most frequent misconceptions that people have about Citrix MetaFrame and Microsoft Terminal Server....
    Guest Bloggers on March 21, 2005 : 51 comments , 18,788 views
  • Updated: Free utility runs script when client IP or name changes or on session disconnect/reconnect

    Dennis Damen has just updated his ReconnAct! utility. This free utility now allows you to specify a script to run when a user connects or disconnects from a session. It also sets two environment variables that maintain the current client name and client address, even when reconnecting from a different client.

    Brian Madden on March 16, 2005 : 13 comments , 25,835 views
  • Updated: Microsoft adds Universal Printing to Terminal Server!

    In this article, Terminal Server printing guru Stefan Vermeulen (webmaster for and fellow BriForum speaker) explores the new UPD printing capabilities that Microsoft is building into Service Pack 1 for Terminal Server on Windows 2003....
    Guest Bloggers on March 16, 2005 : 31 comments , 56,988 views
  • What is Citrix's Malibu Strategy?

    Malibu is the codename for Citrix's next portal product, although it now appears to me that this will be much more than "just" a portal. Citrix will combine hardware and software to deliver an access, authentication, and authorization wrapper to any existing application--Win32 or web....
    Brian Madden on March 15, 2005 : 8 comments , 10,783 views
  • CeBIT 2005 Round Up: Day One (now with photos)

    This week I'm writing live from CeBIT, the largest technology tradeshow in the world with over 6700 exhibitors and 600,000 attendees. Here's what I learned on the first day....
    Brian Madden on March 11, 2005 : 1 comments , 12,495 views
  • Live Terminal Server and Citrix coverage from CeBIT - The world's largest IT show

    CeBIT, the world's largest IT show, is taking place this week in Germany. I'll be there providing a first-hand account of any cool new things I find that relate to the server-based computing industry....
    Brian Madden on March 07, 2005 : 1 comments , 10,418 views
  • Flex Profile Kit 4.0 is now available! (And it's still free!)

    Jeroen van de Kamp's Flex Profile Kit is hands-down the most useful free utility for Terminal Server and Citrix environments. The all-new version 4 builds upon the previous version and adds many new features....
    Brian Madden on March 04, 2005 : 15 comments , 51,728 views
  • Understanding the Citrix MetaFrame Logon and Logoff Process

    Do you ever wonder what actually happens when you connect to a Terminal Server or MetaFrame Presentation Server? Do you want to know what csrss.exe and wfshell.exe really do? This article be Thomas Koetzing will set you straight....
    Guest Bloggers on March 01, 2005 : 35 comments , 78,782 views