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  • 2005 Server-Based Computing Year in Review

    As 2005 draws to a close, I'd like to take a quick look back at the major events of the year in the server-based computing world....
    Brian Madden on December 30, 2005 : 2 comments , 12,061 views
  • Free Download of our 500-page Terminal Services for Windows Server 2003 Book

    Ron Oglesby and I wrote a book about Terminal Services for Windows Server 2003 last year. We're happy to announce that this book is now available as a free download in either PDF or CHM format....
    Brian Madden on December 28, 2005 : 36 comments , 26,221 views
  • DAT Changes their Name to Synchronica

    DAT Group announced they're changing their name to Synchronica. Who's DAT? They are a software company who makes, among other things, a product called Panther that competes with Citrix Presentation Server....
    Brian Madden on December 26, 2005 : 2 comments , 12,111 views
  • BriForum 2005 Video: Jeroen van de Kamp on Proper Group Policy Design

    In this session, Jeroen van de Kamp explains how to design and use Group Policies in Citrix and Terminal Server environments. This session also explains how to get the most out of the powerful (and free) add-on policies known as the True Control Templates. ...
    Guest Bloggers on December 26, 2005 : 2 comments , 11,299 views
  • What does Sun's open source announcement mean to the server-based computing community?

    Sun recently announced that they would make their entire software portfolio open source, including their Sun Ray thin client software and the Secure Global Desktop stuff they got from Tarantella. But can they really do this? And if so, how will it impact the server-based computing community?...
    Brian Madden on December 13, 2005 : 12 comments , 16,619 views
  • Microsoft Extends Windows 2003 TS CAL Transition Plan until June 2007

    I had previously reported that you had until December 31, 2005 to obtain your "free" Windows 2003 TS CALs if you bought Windows XP Professional before April 24, 2003. I'm happy to announce that Microsoft has extended this transition program an additional 18 months!...
    Brian Madden on December 13, 2005 : 1 comments , 12,092 views
  • BriForum 2005 Video: Stefan Vermeulen on Surviving Printing

    Here is Stefan Vermeulen's (creator of presentation from BriForum 2005 last April. In this session, Stefan looks at real-world Citrix printing tuning and best practices....
    Guest Bloggers on December 13, 2005 : 1 comments , 11,733 views
  • 60-second review: RES WISDOM 3

    RES WISDOM is a product that lets you centrally configure, manage, and monitor applications on Citrix servers, Terminal Servers, and workstations. Here's Wilco's review of the product....
    Guest Bloggers on December 08, 2005 : 11 comments , 17,239 views
  • Microsoft Releases Windows Server 2003 R2: No Updates to Terminal Server

    Microsoft just released the "R2" update to Windows Server 2003. This update adds several new "pre-Longhorn" features. However, it does not change anything Terminal Server-related, and unlike SP1, it does not add any new Terminal Server functionality....
    Brian Madden on December 07, 2005 : 3 comments , 13,337 views
  • Citrix licensed the CAG to WatchGuard. What does this really mean?

    Last August, Citrix and WatchGuard jointly announced that Citrix had licensed the Citrix Access Gateway technology to WatchGuard and that WatchGuard would start selling an SSL VPN appliance based on Citrix's technology. I've spent the past several months investigating the WatchGuard product. Here's what I found out....
    Brian Madden on December 05, 2005 : 17 comments , 19,448 views
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