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  • Tim Mangan on How Microsoft will Enhance RDP and why this is Important

    Tim Mangan has studied what Microsoft has announced about their new graphics and presentation layer called "Avalon," and he's put together this article that describes--in plain terms--what's coming from Microsoft and why you need to understand it....
    Tim Mangan on November 30, 2005 : 7 comments , 12,856 views
  • How to Load Balance two Citrix Web Interface Servers

    Citrix's Web Interface is a popular way for users to connect to their ICA applications running on Citrix Presentation Servers. Unfortunately, if a Web Interface server fails then users lose access to their applications. The good news is that you have several options when it comes to load-balancing these two servers, and some of your options are free and easy to set up!...
    Brian Madden on November 29, 2005 : 56 comments , 121,571 views
  • Citrix's CVP Program is Officially Dead

    Citrix claimed to be working on their own MVP-like program called the CVP. Unfortunately, Citrix is no longer pursuing this program and will not implement it....
    Brian Madden on November 29, 2005 : 17 comments , 13,105 views
  • A listing of Citrix and Server-Based Computing Blogs and Websites

    There are a lot of great sites dedicated to our industry. Here's a list of the sites that I visit on a regular basis and the blogs I read....
    Brian Madden on November 29, 2005 : 12 comments , 13,297 views
  • Microsoft uses Citrix Presentation Server to provide web-based test drives of Office 2003

    Microsoft is using Citrix Presentation Server to give the public access to a published-desktop full of the Office 2003 suite on
    Brian Madden on November 29, 2005 : 9 comments , 12,294 views
  • A Presentation Server Appliance?

    I just saw that a company called NetSilica is offering an appliance that is sort of like "Presentation Server in a Box." It adds application publishing, seamless windows, and SSL-VPN access into your environment. What's interesting to me about this is that the applications still run on your back-end terminal servers....
    Brian Madden on November 28, 2005 : 5 comments , 12,827 views
  • BriForum 2005 Video: Jeroen van de Kamp on Using Flex Profiles

    Flex Profiles have the advantages of roaming profiles without the headaches. In this session, Jeroen himself presents "Flex Profiles in practice." This session covers practical and in-depth implementation scenarios and best-practices for Flex Profiles....
    Guest Bloggers on November 28, 2005 : 2 comments , 11,962 views
  • Will Cisco and Microsoft's rivalry affect Citrix?

    In the next few years, Microsoft and Cisco's markets will overlap by $20B as they both try to focus on delivering applications to users. This is course is Citrix's market now that they can deliver web and Win32 applications. So in a Microsoft vs. Cisco world, where does Citrix fit in? ...
    Brian Madden on November 23, 2005 : 4 comments , 13,750 views
  • Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) v3 will focus on end-to-end Applications

    Many vendors in the Citrix space are focusing on application performance monitoring instead of looking only at servers. We just learned that Microsoft will also be entering this space with MOM v3....
    Brian Madden on November 22, 2005 : 0 comments , 12,570 views
  • I'm blogging again

    Over the years, my site has grown from a simple blog to a source with hundreds of in-depth, original articles. I've decided that I will start blogging again to share my thoughts about everything going on in this industry that isn't quite worthy of a "real" article but that is interesting nonetheless....
    Brian Madden on November 22, 2005 : 2 comments , 11,771 views
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