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  • BriForum 2005 Video: Rick Mack on Application Tuning and Debugging for Terminal Server Environments

    I can think of no better way to kick off our BriForum 2005 video series than with this Rick's application tuning and debugging session which many people felt was the best breakout session they had ever attended at any conference. In this session, Rick shows you how you can use free tools to deal with applications that don't want to play nice in a terminal server environment....
    Brian Madden on October 30, 2005 : 16 comments , 14,714 views
  • BriForum 2005 Session Videos: A new one posted every week through BriForum 2006

    With BriForum 2006 planning well underway, we decided that we'll make all the BriForum 2005 content available for free over the next six months or so. We'll release videos, audio, and PowerPoint slides from all 37 breakout sessions....
    Brian Madden on October 30, 2005 : 6 comments , 11,634 views
  • Providing Desktops to Users: Centralized Virtual Machines or Terminal Server Desktops?

    IBM, Citrix, and VMware are pushing the idea of providing desktops to users in the form of virtual machine-based remote Windows XP desktops instead of the traditional way of publishing a desktop session on a Terminal Server or Citrix Presentation Server. In this article, I'll take a brief look at the announcements from the past few weeks and then dig into the pros and cons of this architecture....
    Brian Madden on October 24, 2005 : 27 comments , 27,488 views
  • 60-second review: Provision Management Framework - Standard Edition

    Provision Networks has released a software product called the Provision Management Framework that can enhance management and functionality of Citrix and Terminal Server environments. In this review, Wilco will take a look at the standard version of the framework....
    Guest Bloggers on October 18, 2005 : 28 comments , 16,587 views
  • What value will Citrix add on top of Longhorn Terminal Server? Project Constellation reveals their thinking

    Microsoft revealed the capabilities of Longhorn Terminal Services a few weeks ago. These advanced capabilities left people wondering what Citrix would do with Presentation Server in Longhron. To that end, Citrix just announced Project Constellation, the codename for a set of advanced technologies that will enhance Presentation Server in the next few years....
    Brian Madden on October 12, 2005 : 13 comments , 18,410 views
  • Citrix's New Marketing Message: There are three types of apps, we have three types of solutions

    Citrix announced a new marketing message at iForum this week. No matter what type of application you have--client/server, web, or desktop, we can help you with application virtualization, optimization, or streaming technologies....
    Brian Madden on October 12, 2005 : 5 comments , 13,694 views
  • A Technical Analysis of Citrix's Application Streaming Announcement

    Today Citrix announced that they were working on Desktop Application Streaming technology. This technology will allow applications to be streamed to desktop computers and executed locally (even when offline). This is exactly what Softricity does. In this article, I'll dig into Citrix's new technology and what it means for the company and Softricity....
    Brian Madden on October 11, 2005 : 62 comments , 40,304 views
  • I'm at Citrix iForum in Las Vegas

    Citrix iForum 2005 is going on this week in Las Vegas, and once again I'll be there talking to vendors and attending sessions looking for interesting things to share with you. Last night was the opening reception, and the show starts today in a few hours....
    Brian Madden on October 10, 2005 : 7 comments , 12,057 views
  • Announcing BriForum 2006 Dates and Registration

    BriForum is an independent technical conference for Citrix, Terminal Server, and server-based computing experts. For 2006 we're gathering about 20 experts from around the world who will talk, mingle, discuss, and spar with 500 attendees about all sorts of technical topics. Even though last year's event was awesome, we're making this year's conference better than ever!...
    Brian Madden on October 06, 2005 : 8 comments , 11,288 views
  • Understanding the webica.ini file in ICA Client Version 9

    Version 9 of the Windows ICA client changes the way that the webica.ini file controls client drive security settings. This new behavior isn't really documented anywhere, so Jeff Pitsch dug in and figured it out. ...
    Guest Bloggers on October 03, 2005 : 17 comments , 21,545 views
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