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  • How to Run Multiple Unique Web Interface Sites Using WI 3.0

    Have you ever wanted to run two or more completely different Web Interface sites on a single IIS server? It's actually possible to do with Web Interface 3.0, and Gabe Knuth explains how in this article....
    Gabe Knuth on September 29, 2004 : 17 comments , 16,527 views
  • What would you ask Citrix executives?

    The Citrix iForum 2004 Global event is taking place next week at the Walt Disney World Dolphin and Swan resort. I'll be attending and providing live coverage of the event, and I'll have a chance to talk to many of the Citrix executives. What questions should I ask them?...
    Brian Madden on September 29, 2004 : 14 comments , 9,971 views
  • PubForum 2004 Munich: Event Notes and Summary

    I've just returned from PubForum in Munich. It was a fantastic event, and I learned a lot. This article is my summary of the event and a quick overview of the new things I learned....
    Brian Madden on September 27, 2004 : 5 comments , 10,365 views
  • Are Citrix's Linux Strategy and Microsoft's Bear Paw Strategy Related?

    I wonder if Microsoft's decision to delay Bear Paw until the next platform release of Windows (probably 2007) is a "gift" to Citrix in return for Citrix choosing not to release a version of MetaFrame Presentation Server for Linux. It's actually more plausible than it seems if you dig into it....
    Brian Madden on September 21, 2004 : 46 comments , 15,014 views
  • Marzulli Steps in to Fill the Technology Executive Void at Citrix

    Tony Marzulli quietly joined Citrix in early 2004 as the Senior Vice President of Product and Demand Marketing. With the departure of Bob Kruger, Marzulli's taking a more central role in the company's strategic vision area....
    Brian Madden on September 20, 2004 : 3 comments , 10,530 views
  • Post your questions now for the experts at PubForum 2004 Oktoberfest

    As many of you know, the semi-anual PubForum gathering of Citrix experts is taking place in Munich in a few days. With this many smart people in one place, we figured it was a perfect opportunity to get some of your questions answered....
    Brian Madden on September 19, 2004 : 7 comments , 10,027 views
  • VBScript to Report Application Usage via MFCOM

    This simple VBScript collects information about farm sessions via MFCOM and exports it to a database table. Then, with the help of Crystal Reports (or the reporting engine of your choice), information can be presented in a nice format....
    Guest Bloggers on September 16, 2004 : 14 comments , 26,564 views
  • Speculation: Citrix will Announce MPS 3.0 Feature Release 1 Details at iForum

    There's a lot of talk floating around that Citrix is going to announce the features that will be included in MetaFrame Presentation Server 3.0 Feature Release 1 at iForum in a few weeks....
    Brian Madden on September 15, 2004 : 13 comments , 10,019 views
  • Finally! Shadow Key Timestamping Utilities from Microsoft

    I just discovered two command-line utilities that can read the timestamps from Terminal Server shadow registry keys and set them "back in time" to a date of your choosing. This is huge!...
    Brian Madden on September 14, 2004 : 21 comments , 32,233 views
  • How to Configure the ICA Java Client as a "Fallback" in MetaFrame Web Interface

    This article shows how easy it is to configure the Citrix MetaFrame Web Interface so that users can select the Java ICA client when the regular Win32 client cannot be used....
    Brian Madden on September 13, 2004 : 6 comments , 18,548 views
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