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  • Scripting MetaFrame Data Store Printer Mapping

    This article, part of Ron Oglesby's "Scripting for Citrix MetaFrame" series, details a pair of scripts that you can use to dump all printer mappings from the IMA Data Store to a text file. A second script allows you to bulk import the mappings back into the data store....
    Ron Oglesby on June 27, 2004 : 2 comments , 13,168 views
  • A Community Relations Plan for Citrix

    I've been thinking about some of Citrix's actions recently, and I've been thinking about some of the things people are saying about the company. I've decided to organize my thoughts into what I'll call a "community relations" plan for Citrix....
    Brian Madden on June 22, 2004 : 22 comments , 12,837 views
  • Pass-Through Authentication Changes in ICA Client Version 8

    One of the new features in version 8 of the Windows 32-bit ICA client is Kerberos authentication. This authentication provides a new and improved way for the ICA client software to automatically authenticate users based on the credentials they used to logon to Windows....
    Brian Madden on June 15, 2004 : 7 comments , 20,216 views
  • Citrix's Product Strategy, According to Citrix

    Citrix's "Access" marketing message reminds everyone that they need an access strategy and that Citrix is the company that delivers access infrastructure. While this is great from a marketing standpoint, the fact remains that Citrix's access infrastructure is simply a fancy name for four separate products. How will Citrix turn these products into "Access Infrastructure?"...
    Brian Madden on June 14, 2004 : 6 comments , 10,143 views
  • Basic KIX Login Script for Citrix Users

    This article, part of Ron Oglesby's "Scripting for MetaFrame" series, describes the basic best practices of using a KIX logon script in Citrix MetaFrame and Terminal Server environments....
    Ron Oglesby on June 11, 2004 : 35 comments , 35,516 views
  • What I Learned at Citrix iForum, Day Two

    This article is the second of two that summarize the new things I learned at iForum. Of course not all the information from iForum is covered here (since I've written about most of it in the past). This article just contains the stuff that was new to me....
    Brian Madden on June 11, 2004 : 0 comments , 10,572 views
  • Interesting Things I Learned at Citrix iForum, Day One

    I've spent a full day speaking to vendors and Citrix employees about various products, technologies, and strategies. Here's what I've heard....
    Brian Madden on June 09, 2004 : 1 comments , 9,909 views
  • McGraw-Hill is an Exhibitor at iForum

    One of the first things I noticed at this year's iForum was that McGraw-Hill had a booth. They were selling technical books....
    Brian Madden on June 07, 2004 : 3 comments , 11,576 views
  • triCerat acquires TMuLimit technology

    triCerat just announced that they've bought the exclusive rights to TMuLimit from Tim Mangan. This purchase will round-out triCerat's server-based computing software offerings and provide Tim Mangan with great exposure....
    Brian Madden on June 07, 2004 : 0 comments , 11,070 views
  • Live Coverage of Citrix iForum Europe Starts Today

    iForum the name of Citrix's biggest conferences of the year, and the Northern European iForum kicks-off today in Edinburgh, Scotland. I'm in Scotland now, and I'll be bringing live coverage of the event and any major announcements....
    Brian Madden on June 07, 2004 : 0 comments , 9,841 views
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