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  • It's Official! Microsoft is Adding an RDP over HTTPS Proxy to Windows

    The R2 update to Windows Server 2003 will include an RPC over HTTPS proxy that will allow clients to securely connect to RDP sessions over the public Internet. This is similar to Citrix's Secure Gateway product....
    Brian Madden on May 31, 2004 : 34 comments , 48,633 views
  • I'm on vacation until June 7.

    I'd just like everyone to know that I will not be posting any new articles or answering any tech support forum questions until I return on Monday, June 7....
    Brian Madden on May 28, 2004 : 0 comments , 11,958 views
  • Writing a Script to take a MetaFrame Server Online or Offline

    This is the first article in Ron Oglesby's "Scripting for MetaFrame" series. This article details a set of scripts created to take a server offline by removing it's published applications and bring it back online by re-adding the applications....
    Ron Oglesby on May 27, 2004 : 13 comments , 19,060 views
  • Tech Support Forums go Live Today

    If you're looking for a place to post questions and get answers about Citrix and Terminal Server issues, you can now do that on The new forums offer a simple interface and email notifications....
    Brian Madden on May 26, 2004 : 1 comments , 13,560 views
  • Citrix Releases Advanced Concepts Guide for MetaFrame 3.0

    Citrix just released the much-anticipated Advanced Concepts Guide for MetaFrame Presentation Server 3.0....
    Brian Madden on May 25, 2004 : 8 comments , 11,477 views
  • The Evolution of Citrix into a "Solutions" Company

    There has been a lot of talk recently about the future of Citrix, especially now that Citrix is very openly trying to move beyond being a pure server-based computing company. Does this growth represent a product strategy or is it the result of throwing darts at high-value targets?...
    Brian Madden on May 25, 2004 : 2 comments , 12,090 views
  • Rumor: Citrix is Planning to buy a Performance Management Vendor

    There's a rumor floating around that Citrix is planning to buy a third-party performance vendor such as Appsense, Aurema, or RTO....
    Brian Madden on May 24, 2004 : 18 comments , 14,723 views
  • Terminal Server and Citrix on AMD 64-bit Opteron Hardware

    AMD released their Opteron 64-bit CPUs last year, and Microsoft is getting ready to release a 64-bit version of Windows Server 2003 that will run on them. A lot of people are wondering how these upcoming 64-bit environments will affect Citrix and Terminal Services....
    Brian Madden on May 24, 2004 : 14 comments , 20,082 views
  • Microsoft Starts to Reveal Longhorn Terminal Server Architecture

    More details about how Terminal Server will integrate with Longhorn's "Avalon" graphics stack were revealed in a presentation from WinHEC given by Microsoft software architect Greg Schechter....
    Brian Madden on May 23, 2004 : 0 comments , 10,533 views
  • Citrix Support Volunteers Go on Strike, Demand Recognition from Citrix

    Several of the top posters in Citrix's user-to-user online support forum have gone "on strike" by refusing to answer any more questions until their efforts are officially recognized by Citrix. They feel that Citrix has not made good on offers to recognize them for their assistance. ...
    Brian Madden on May 19, 2004 : 1 comments , 10,621 views
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