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  • Architecting for a MetaFrame 3.0 (Hudson) Environment

    Ron Oglesby orginally gave this presentation at the Norway CUG Tech 2004 in April, a few days before Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server 3.0 was released. It discusses how the components of 3.0 will affect system architectures....
    Ron Oglesby on April 30, 2004 : 0 comments , 13,377 views
  • My AMD Opteron server will be here Monday

    A lot of people have been talking about AMD's Opteron processors and the affect that they might have on Terminal Server. I decided to find out for myself, and I ordered an Opteron server.

    Brian Madden on April 29, 2004 : 4 comments , 11,161 views
  • I'm off to Pubforum Paris 2004

    Pubforum has grown to become the premier "underground" Citrix conference. It's happening again May 1-2 in Paris, and I'll be attending. Stay tuned for updates, both about the Forum and my trip to Paris....
    Brian Madden on April 29, 2004 : 0 comments , 12,126 views
  • Jeroen van de Kamp's Flex Profile Kit 3.0 is Now Available

    Flex profiles combine the customizability of roaming profiles with the speed efficiency of mandatory profiles. Jeroen van de Kamp of Login*Consultants in The Netherlands has just released version 3.0 of his flex profile kit. Once again, it's available at no cost!...
    Brian Madden on April 29, 2004 : 8 comments , 19,682 views
  • Terminal Services 2003: What it Does and Doesn't Do

    This presentation by Ron Oglesby takes a hard look at what Terminal Services on Windows 2003 really does and where it falls short. Ron originally gave this presentation at CUG Tech 2004 in Norway....
    Ron Oglesby on April 28, 2004 : 3 comments , 17,223 views
  • MetaFrame Presentation Server 3.0 to be Launched Today

    Today is "Citrix Strategy Day." Many of the Citrix executives will be speaking at a virtual conference from 9:00-5:00. The agenda includes the launch of MetaFrame Presentation Server 3....
    Brian Madden on April 27, 2004 : 1 comments , 9,895 views
  • Citrix Joins New Grid Consortium

    Orcale has just spearheaded a new vendor consortium called the "Enterprise Grid Alliance." The alliance was formed to develop enterprise grid solutions and accelerate the deployment of grid computing in enterprises....
    Brian Madden on April 22, 2004 : 0 comments , 11,140 views
  • Citrix Responds, Plans to Create its own MVP Program

    Citrix's CTO Bob Kruger has just confirmed that they've decided to put together a program similar to Microsoft's MVP program. Citrix's version will be called the "CVP" program, for "Citrix Valuable Persons."...
    Brian Madden on April 22, 2004 : 3 comments , 14,586 views
  • Creating Custom File Associations to Support Side-by-Side Applications

    Have you ever wanted to install both the free Acrobat Reader and the full version of Adobe Acrobat on the same Terminal Server while giving different groups of users access to each application? This article digs deep into how file associations work and how you can use them in Terminal Server environments....
    Brian Madden on April 20, 2004 : 29 comments , 75,122 views
  • Using the MSDE to Centralize Your IMA Data Store

    In this article, Gabe Knuth explains how you can use the free MSDE database instead of SQL Server for a centralized IMA data store in MetaFrame XP environments....
    Gabe Knuth on April 15, 2004 : 18 comments , 19,429 views
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