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  • Citrix and VMware: The Future (Part 3 of 3)

    This is the third article in the series about VMware and Citrix and Terminal Server technologies. In this article, I look ahead to what EMC's purchase of VMware could mean, and how future solutions could be relevant in the server-based computing world....
    Brian Madden on March 29, 2004 : 24 comments , 26,383 views
  • Windows Server 2003 Policy Templates Available from Jeroen van de Kamp

    Jeroen van de Kamp has just updated his ALLinONE policy templates for all versions of Terminal Server, from NT4 to Windows 2003. This template is basically a "super template" used to configure policies in Citrix and Terminal Server environments....
    Brian Madden on March 29, 2004 : 0 comments , 11,761 views
  • Should you remap drive letters when installing MetaFrame Presentation Server?

    One of the things that you will need to decide before you install MetaFrame XP is whether or not you want to remap your server drive letters. Essentially, this option gives you a one-shot chance to change the current server drive letter assignments...
    Brian Madden on March 27, 2004 : 20 comments , 21,340 views
  • Using Off-Line Load Evaluators to Deal with Broken MetaFrame Servers

    This technique, developed by Ken Smith and written up by Scott Chiara, allows administrators of large Citrix MetaFrame farms to easily move servers from an online to an offline state with the ability to centrally see which servers are in which state. ...
    Guest Bloggers on March 26, 2004 : 8 comments , 14,342 views
  • UPDATED: Jetro Launches CockpIT 3.5, No Endorsement from Microsoft?

    Jetro Platforms just released the 3.5 versions of its products that compete with Citrix's MetaFrame product line. However, I had to modify the original version of this article, as it now looks like Microsoft didn't specifically endorse the product at all....
    Brian Madden on March 26, 2004 : 0 comments , 10,620 views
  • Live Coverage of Utility Computing World 2004

    I'm at Utility Computing World 2004 this week. I'll be providing live coverage and daily blog postings on my site. I'll be looking at this event through the lens of today's Windows server-based computing technologies....
    Brian Madden on March 24, 2004 : 0 comments , 11,526 views
  • How the Utility Computing Vision will Shape Citrix and Terminal Server

    Utility Computing World 2004 takes place this week in New York City. I’ve been thinking quite a bit about how today’s Windows-based server-based computing (Citrix, Terminal Server, etc.) will look in the future, and how this will fit into the “utility computing” vision so many companies are talking about today....
    Brian Madden on March 23, 2004 : 6 comments , 13,054 views
  • Webcast: Citrix and Terminal Server Performance Tuning (Now with Q&A)

    I gave a live webcast last week about Citrix and Terminal Server performance tuning. You can view an archive of the webcast at any time. Also, I've posted the complete questions and answers from the event....
    Brian Madden on March 22, 2004 : 8 comments , 19,283 views
  • Certified Paper: Appsense Performance Suite ROI Study

    This is the first paper in my "Certified No Bull" program. It's an ROI study and online ROI calculator from Appsense....
    Brian Madden on March 22, 2004 : 3 comments , 15,015 views
  • Is Terminal Server Microsoft's Secret Competitive Advantage in the Linux War?

    This article, by guest columnist Steve Kaplan, explores how Microsoft can use Terminal Server to counter the Linux threat. It also briefly discusses Citrix's role in the Microsoft vs. Linux battle....
    Guest Bloggers on March 22, 2004 : 9 comments , 13,209 views
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