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  • The Future of Terminal Services: 2007 and Beyond

    This is not another article about Bear Paw or how Microsoft is going to remove the world's need for Citrix by building their capabilities into Windows. Instead, this article is a glimpse ahead—way ahead—to how Terminal Services might look in the Windows “Longhorn” timeframe. This article is pure speculation on my part. I'm taking what I know about today's Terminal Server and tomorrow's Longhorn and making some projections about where Terminal Server will end up....
    Brian Madden on January 29, 2004 : 18 comments , 15,911 views
  • "" becomes the ""

    It looks like Jim Kenzig just bought the domain name ""...
    Brian Madden on January 28, 2004 : 0 comments , 10,921 views
  • Microsoft Names Terminal Server MVPs for 2004

    Late yesterday, Microsoft announced the names of the MVPs for Windows Server Terminal Services....
    Brian Madden on January 27, 2004 : 1 comments , 11,312 views
  • Citrix Clamps Down on Partner Advertising Citing 'Trademark Infringement'

    If you go to Google and search on the term “Citrix MetaFrame” you'll notice something peculiar—the search results do not contain any “sponsored links.” That's because Citrix has just prevented companies from placing ads based on Citrix trademarks, including the words "Citrix" and "MetaFrame."...
    Brian Madden on January 25, 2004 : 3 comments , 11,802 views
  • New Book: Terminal Services for Windows 2003

    Ron Oglesby and I have been working for about a year on a new book....
    Brian Madden on January 21, 2004 : 0 comments , 10,284 views
  • Citrix's New Partner Programs Demistified

    Citrix accessPartner, Citrix Solution Advisors, Citrix Advisor Rewards... What does it all mean?...
    Brian Madden on January 14, 2004 : 2 comments , 10,806 views
  • Why My Books are Different than Others

    when I started publishing my own, I decided that my books would be different than most. Here's a list of the advantages that my books have over others....
    Brian Madden on January 02, 2004 : 6 comments , 15,468 views