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  • The Future of the Thin Client Device Market

    Some folks from a management consulting firm working on a research project recently interviewed me to get my thoughts about the future of the thin client device market space. Here's what I told them......
    Brian Madden on August 22, 2003 : 1 comments , 16,884 views
  • Citrix MetaFrame and Microsoft Terminal Server Performance Optimization and Tuning

    This is it! This 34-page paper takes you step-by-step through the entire Terminal Server / Citrix MetaFrame performance troubleshooting process. This paper is NOT a mere list of registry hacks. Rather, it shows you the approach to take when troubleshooting Terminal Server performance issues, including slow logons, how to add more users to your server, overall slowness and sluggishness, and random server pauses and hangs. ...
    Brian Madden on August 21, 2003 : 31 comments , 50,970 views
  • It's Here! My Comprehensive White Paper about Terminal Server and Citrix Performance Tuning is Ready

    I just published a free 38-page white paper about performance tuning Citrix MetaFrame and Microsoft Terminal Servers....
    Brian Madden on August 21, 2003 : 8 comments , 22,535 views
  • Confirmed: Citrix MetaFrame "Hudson" Beta to be Passed Out at iForum

    The next major release of MetaFrame, codenamed "Hudson," will be passed out to attendees of this year's iForum in October 2003....
    Brian Madden on August 17, 2003 : 0 comments , 11,041 views
  • Rumor: Citrix to buy Softricity?

    Let's face it... Citrix needs a way to differentiate themselves from Microsoft. Can purchasing a company like Softricity help releave the pressure?...
    Brian Madden on August 12, 2003 : 14 comments , 14,195 views
  • Will anyone use pure Terminal Server 2003 on load-balanced blades?

    In pure Terminal Server environments, people will be better off building quad-processor servers that can each support 300-500 users instead of blades or 1U servers that can only support 50-200 users....
    Brian Madden on August 11, 2003 : 1 comments , 11,986 views
  • Doug Brown Releases Project Compatibility 3.0

    Doug Brown just released the newest version of "Project Compatibility," a free tool that you can use to automatically detect failed printers in Citrix MetaFrame environments. ...
    Brian Madden on August 11, 2003 : 2 comments , 12,041 views
  • It's True! Project "Bear Paw" will Update Terminal Server in Win2003

    The codename of the next version of Terminal Server is Bear Paw, and it will be released as an add-on to Windows Server 2003....
    Brian Madden on August 07, 2003 : 0 comments , 14,223 views
  • Load-Balancing Pure Terminal Server Environments

    Now that Microsoft's RDP protocol included in Windows Server 2003 has basically the same functionality as Citrix's ICA protocol, a lot of people are beginning to think about how to load-balance multiple Terminal Servers when Citrix MetaFrame is not used....
    Brian Madden on August 05, 2003 : 5 comments , 17,545 views