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  • Citrix iForum 2003: The Year of High-Speed Go-Anywhere Wireless Data

    Citrix iForum is coming up October 13-16, 2003, and it looks like some mobile data vendors are going to be there big time....
    Brian Madden on July 28, 2003 : 0 comments , 13,818 views
  • Fluid Computing: The Future of Server-Based Applications?

    Fluid Computing describes the concept of an application that seamlessly follows a user between diverse client devices. It's a subset of the grander "Ubiquitous Computing" vision....
    Brian Madden on July 20, 2003 : 0 comments , 13,536 views
  • Why RTO TScale is better than adding more memory

    With TScale costing about $1,000 per server, why not just buy a few more gigs of RAM for half that cost and forget TScale." In the real world, TScale can allow you to put more users on a server than any amount of memory would.

    Brian Madden on July 19, 2003 : 0 comments , 15,270 views
  • Rumors of RDP 6.0?

    I've heard that Microsoft is working on a new version of their RDP protocol that will be the "Citrix Killer."

    Brian Madden on July 07, 2003 : 4 comments , 16,531 views
  • Citrix iForum is earlier this year

    Citrix iForum is going to be earlier this year, from October 13-15, 2003....
    Brian Madden on July 05, 2003 : 0 comments , 11,265 views
  • SafeWord 1.1 for Citrix MetaFrame Installation and Configuration

    This video gives you an "over the shoulders" look at installing the SafeWord for Citrix MetaFrame server product, importing tokens, configuring users, and configuring NFuse. Watch this video now to see how easy it really is!...
    Brian Madden on July 02, 2003 : 4 comments , 15,888 views