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  • A Quick Video Tour of the New Features of Terminal Server 2003

    This video complements my product review of the new features of Terminal Server on Windows Server 2003. If you've only read about the new features (but haven't actually seen them yet, then check out this video)....
    Brian Madden on May 31, 2003 : 0 comments , 11,095 views
  • Tarantella Buys New Moon

    It was announced today that Tarantella is buying New Moon. Both of these companies have "fringe" products for various thin client computing solutions, although New Moon's Canaveral iQ is probably the biggest threat to Citrix's domination....
    Brian Madden on May 27, 2003 : 0 comments , 15,896 views
  • How to Enable Terminal Services on Windows Server 2003

    This video shows you you enable Terminal Services on a Windows 2003 server....
    Brian Madden on May 25, 2003 : 4 comments , 15,033 views
  • Installing and Activating the Terminal Server Licensing Service in Windows Server 2003

    Installing and activating the Terminal Services licensing service is easier than ever in Windows Server 2003. Watch this video to see the entire process....
    Brian Madden on May 14, 2003 : 3 comments , 15,833 views
  • Using Citrix MetaFrame XP in Secure Environments

    This presentation, which I gave at Citrix iForum Australia 2003, covers what it takes to run MetaFrame in secure environments. This does not cover how to make MetaFrame secure, rather, it talks about what you need to know if you want to use MetaFrame in an environment that is considered "secure." (Government, Financial, Healthcare, etc.)

    Brian Madden on May 13, 2003 : 0 comments , 11,994 views