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  • Q&A with Citrix Executives: What would you ask?

    As part of the media coverage of iForum, Citrix PR has arranged a Q&A session for the press with Mark Templeton (Citrix CEO) and Bob Kruger (Citrix CTO)....
    Brian Madden on October 11, 2003 : 0 comments , 9,475 views
  • All Eyes are on Citrix iForum 2003

    Citrix's biggest trade show of the year kicks off on Monday. This year's focus is based on Citrix's new "on demand enterprise" vision....
    Brian Madden on October 11, 2003 : 0 comments , 9,088 views
  • First Look: RTO Software's TScale 3.0

    RTO Software is primarily known for their "TScale" application optimization utility. Quite simply, installing TScale software on a Terminal Server (or MetaFrame server or New Moon server or...) can increase user capacity by as much as 30%. On October 6, RTO announced their latest version of TScale. This article provides an indepdent view of TScale's features and explains how they work....
    Brian Madden on October 09, 2003 : 0 comments , 13,661 views
  • First Thoughts: A Look at this Year's Sponsors

    Taking a look at the sponsor list of this year's show, the first thing that strikes me is that there are a lot more sponsors than previous years....
    Brian Madden on October 08, 2003 : 0 comments , 9,253 views
  • Steve Ballmer: "We have engineers who want to do better than Citrix"

    He finished that sentence, "but we're happy to see Citrix succeed."...
    Brian Madden on October 01, 2003 : 1 comments , 9,738 views