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  • My Trip to Norway (so far)

    In October of 2003, I was invited to speak at the CUG Tech Forum 2003 in Geilo (pronounced "yeah-low"), Norway. This was my first trip to Norway....
    Brian Madden on October 29, 2003 : 6 comments , 13,878 views
  • Terminal Server / Citrix Performance Tuning & Troubleshooting

    This is a presentation I gave at CUG Tech 2003. It's the companion presentation to my white paper of the same name....
    Brian Madden on October 29, 2003 : 4 comments , 21,137 views
  • Is Terminal Server Enough, or do you need third party software?

    This presentation closely follows the product shootout that Gabe Knuth and I put together a few months ago. We talk about the limitations of Terminal Server and when you truly need third-party tools...
    Brian Madden on October 29, 2003 : 1 comments , 14,269 views
  • Industry Buzz... An Hour of News, Rumors, Gossip, and New Products

    This was my opening keynote from CUG Tech 2003 in Geilo, Norway. It's one of the most fun presentations I've ever given....
    Brian Madden on October 29, 2003 : 0 comments , 13,391 views
  • Citrix MetaFrame Datacenter Failover

    This presentation describes the various options for configuring Citrix MetaFrame XP to failover to secondary datacenters. I originally gave this presentation at CUG Tech 2003....
    Brian Madden on October 29, 2003 : 2 comments , 12,540 views
  • Microsoft "Bear Paw" and the Future of Terminal Services

    This is one of the presentations that I gave at CUG Tech 2003 in Geilo, Norway, October, 2003....
    Brian Madden on October 29, 2003 : 0 comments , 11,651 views
  • Citrix to Release ICA Version 8 Clients Next Year

    a major new client platform will be needed to make use of new Citrix capabilities. To that end, Citrix will introduce version 8.x of their ICA clients next year....
    Brian Madden on October 27, 2003 : 0 comments , 12,888 views
  • A Look inside Citrix's New Technology

    Citrix's Director of Product Management Brian Nason demonstrated two new technologies: Multimedia streaming (codenamed “rave”) and JPG-based image compression....
    Brian Madden on October 22, 2003 : 12 comments , 17,452 views
  • Point-Counterpoint: How Microsoft's Bear Paw will Affect Citrix

    I've started to think that Bear Paw might not be the immediate blow to Citrix that some people are suggesting. After publishing this article, I received a critical response from a reader and I've published that person's response as the counterpoint to my original article....
    Brian Madden on October 20, 2003 : 2 comments , 12,998 views
  • Citrix Addresses Windows 2000 SP4 Issues

    In late June, Microsoft released Service Pack 4 for Windows 2000. Within hours, support forums and web boards became abuzz with problems experienced in Citrix MetaFrame environments after the Windows Service Pack was installed. ...
    Brian Madden on October 18, 2003 : 1 comments , 12,787 views
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